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Reporting Tools Ensure Safety is a Priority in Distribution Centers

At the Korea Distribution Center, Storage Clerk Song-Hak Chon and MHE operator Yong-Po Sim use the team lift when replacing the forklift's gas tank.

At the Korea Distribution Center, Storage Clerk Song-Hak Chon and MHE operator Yong-Po Sim use the team lift when replacing the forklift’s gas tank.


The Loss Prevention Directorate is arming Exchange leaders and logistics associates with new reporting tools to minimize accidents at distribution centers.

LP Manager Mike Jones began gathering data on workplace accidents in the fourth quarter of 2018. From that research, he pinpointed the most common injuries as well as the times they were most often occurring. Based on that information, managers focused training on those areas and, as a result, recordable accidents were reduced by 30 percent compared to fourth quarter 2017.

Now, based on that success, Jones and the LP team are rolling out a tool this quarter to allow distribution center managers to take a more targeted and strategic approach to training after accidents.

Delivering training, solutions

The tool will allow users to quickly view safety statistics giving them multiple views of key information, such as time and location of injury. DC supervisors can drill in to the data for more details about their departments and safety information. In addition, the tool will all senior executives to display high-level views of how an area is performing.


Alan French

Alan French

“All accidents have a price tag.”

– Alan French, vice president, Logistics Directorate


“With this tool, distribution center managers will be better prepared to investigate the causes of accidents, deliver specific training solutions and prevent injuries,” Jones said.

Monthly reports

Another tool LP has developed is a monthly comprehensive accident report that Exchange Corporate Health & Safety Manager Gus Perez started distributing to Exchange executives in February. The report provides current statistics and a historical account of related accident information for comparison purposes.

“In the past, our recordable accident statistics provided to the executives were more of a generic overview during the Environmental & Safety Advocacy Committee meeting,” Perez said. “SVPs and VPs now have increased awareness and a much clearer picture as they monitor safety trends with the dashboard. Managers can now view and work more effectively and efficiently in reducing accidents.”

Excitement about potential savings

LG Vice President Alan French recognizes to the importance of reducing accidents at the distribution centers.

“All accidents have a price tag. Medical bills, property damage, inventory loss, equipment repairs, reduced productivity; these things add up,” French said. “We’re excited about improving safety and the potential cost savings using these reports.”

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