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April’s Customer Shoutouts: These Associates Rock!

Sam Weary
Europe Region/Panzer Barracks, Germany

This comment regards Senior Manager Sam Weary at Popeyes. He has always had a positive attitude and great disposition. Specifically, I wanted to acknowledge Mr. Weary’s patience, leadership, dedication and teaching/coaching abilities. My son, who has special needs, was given an opportunity to work with Mr. Weary at the Popeyes on Panzer. Mr. Weary proceeded to treat my son as a capable and competent contributing member of the team.He took the time to studiously train my son on all the details of the restaurant operations. He has on numerous occasions mentioned how the store would not be the same without my son coming to work every day, thus boosting my son’s confidence and job satisfaction. He has capitalized on my son’s ability to follow directions, organizational skills and kind and affable demeanor, never once worrying about my son’s challenges. His calm demeanor has done wonders for my son’s independence, confidence and belief in his own abilities. I appreciate how Mr. Weary carries himself as a mentor to young people just entering the workforce.

Veronica Johnson
Pacific Region/Camp Zama, Japan

Please extend my appreciation to Veronica Johnson. I came in the Exchange on Monday looking for a dolly to carry my luggage. Veronica pleasantly greeted me at the entrance, asking me if there was something she could help me find. I explained what I was looking for and she immediately walked me to the luggage department where the dollies where, explained how to adjust it and told me how much it was. Veronica was very attentive and knowledgeable. Thank you, Veronica, and the Camp Zama Exchange for the fine service you provided this old retired Marine.

Karen Jackson
Central Region/JB San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston

Karen Jackson, who is normally at the checkout, is a phenomenal  employee. She is always happy, friendly, courteous, gracious, humble, and loves her customers deeply. The first time I came to her checkout. I noticed she greeted customers before me as if she knew them. She is obviously good  making people feel welcomed. I deliberately seek her out when I am there, which is not to say the other checkers are not great because they are; however, there is something special about Ms. Karen. She recognizes me now, and we exchange special greetings as if we were old friends. I enjoy seeing her when I do shop there and demand a hug. You are very fortunate to have such a dedicated woman who obviously loves her job and the best customers in the world!

Brandon Sumalong
Western Region/Nellis AFB, Nev.

I would like to give a shout out to Brandon at Starbucks. Every time I go in to get a drink,  he is normally there to greet me. Not only is he friendly, bubbly and always smiling, he knows my name and order. His personality and attitude make a world of difference and he has given me something to smile about for entirety of my short visits. Keep up the good work, Brandon; you are appreciated and great at what you do!

Shamequia Bryant
ECP Contact Center/HQ

A caller wanted us to know that he appreciates Shamequia Bryant, who he called a true gem. He stated she provided excellent customer service and was very informative. He also stated she was very professional and patient.

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