HR Active Duty Flyer June 2019

Fort Bragg Exchange Recruiting Special Group of Associates

Exchange HR leaders at Fort Bragg, N.C., are hoping to recruit more active duty Soldiers seeking off-duty, part-time jobs.

When EVP and Chief HR Officer Leigh Roop visited Ft Bragg in June, she identified a great place to advertise Exchange employment opportunities to them.

A poster went up in July 18 at the busy Smoke Bomb Hill Express and food court, which is located amid sprawling apartment buildings of young, active-duty Soldiers and their families.

Shulun Chang-Reuter

“We’ve had recruitment efforts for Veterans, military spouses and other dependents, but this is the first time for active duty Soldiers,” said Regional HR Manager Shulun Chang-Reuter. “Active duty Soldiers would be great associates because they are our customers and, when working for us, can fully relate to the Exchange’s mission and can give us recommendations based on their experience.”

In addition to part-time jobs, she hopes to place Soldiers in stores on weekends, which would allow full-time associates to have Monday-Friday schedules. General Manager Bill Shoffner collaborated with installation commanders to display the poster.

The HR Directorate is putting the poster in its recruitment packages for other Exchanges, said Arna Yarbrough, director of HR CONUS operations.

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