Jennifer Gillette, Nichole Ryglowicz, Barbara Gibson and Cheryl Agonoy
Eastern Region/Fort Benning, Ga. 

I want to thank so many people for excellent customer service received throughout the years. I was in the store and had to exchange two things and put a few items on layaway. Barbara has excellent customer service skills and has been so kind and carrying toward me during the years. I have always received excellent customer service from her. Jennifer always greets me with a warm smile. Her personality is so outstanding, and she always has a very professional attitude no matter when I come or what services I need. She is awesome.

Thank you, Nicole, for a warm smile, professional service and continued positive concerns towards me and my needs. Cheryl, who is over the customer service section, is very kind. She treats me with loving kindness, never complains and does a very professional and outstanding job.

Thanks to each of these hard-working associates. Your service to me is beyond outstanding. Keep up the good work, continue to put customers first, continue smiling and being excellent in all you do.

You all rock!

Belinda Jones and Tanja Burnett
Central Region/Fort Knox, Ky.

I would like express my thoughts about the service I had received at the furniture store. I was looking for certain items for a new place I had to furnish and was in the store every day for about week. Every time, I was greeted by Belinda or Tanja, who were willing to take time to show me what they had or show me around the store.

It’s nice to meet such good people who are willing to put up with someone who was unsure what he wanted. Great job!

Sara Smith
Western Region/Luke AFB, Ariz.

Sara was so personable, professional and courteous. She treated my husband and I like we were her only customers. He had numerous questions, and Sara was very knowledgeable. Even when she was not quite sure, she took time to look it up and provide accurate details.

Sara’s service was top notch. It takes a lot for my husband—an Air Force Veteran who served 22 years—to be impressed, but he was and is still talking about Sara’s impeccable service.

Tammy Hill-Pepper
HQ/ECP Contact Center

A sergeant who just returned from deployment and needed to go online to purchase a washer and dryer for his mother. He tried numerous times to log in, but couldn't. He called the ECP Contact Center, and got Tammy. She was able to log him in to within minutes. He wanted to shout out to the world how awesome Tammy is!

Yusuke Kuronuma, Toshiko Iijima and Tomoyasu Watanabe
Pacific Region/Camp Zama, Japan

I would like to recognize Yusuke, Toshiko and Tomoyasu for their excellent assistance while shopping for furnishings and other items at the Camp Zama Exchange. I visited the store many times to make final selections of furnishings. Each time, I received the same superb greeting and outstanding customer service. I could not be more pleased.

Yusuke’s assistance in helping me make furniture was invaluable. Yusuke made an extreme effort to assist me, was always extremely helpful, cheerful and exceedingly polite. I received my new adjustable bed today without any negatives. I look forward to working with him again. Thanks to each, but especially to Yusuke who is quite an asset to have in my life.


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