Another Taste of Home: Hunt Brothers Pizza Comes to Kuwait

Exchange managers and associates bring another taste of home to Southwest Asia.


U.S. troops deployed to Kuwait will now enjoy more tastes of home after the Exchange opened the first Hunt Brothers Pizza in Southwest Asia.

“History has been made,” said Jason Rosenberg, senior vice president of the Europe & Southwest Asia Region. “I could not be prouder, especially when this taste of home is delivered in partnership with our friends from Hunt Brothers Pizza. We’re going to sell a lot of pizza at our three Southwest Asia locations.”

Hunt Brothers opened Oct. 4 at Camp Arifjan followed by another the next day at Ali Al Salem AB. On Oct. 7, a third Hunt Brothers will open at Camp Buehring. The restaurants will be located inside the Exchange, much like Hunt Brothers Pizza restaurants inside Express convenience stores in the United States.

“From the time that we opened our first brand-name restaurants throughout Southwest Asia and the Middle East for the conflict in Afghanistan in 2001, we have continued to bring the taste of home to our Warfighters wherever they may serve,” said Steve Ryle, the program specialist heading up the Exchange’s quick-service restaurants.

“Hunt Brothers is yet another way of bringing that taste of home to deployed troops.”

Among the 59 quick-service restaurants in the Exchange family, Hunt Brothers is king of the hill, with 44 outlets that provide pizzas and wings in Express stores around the world.

In September, the Exchange opened the first Hunt Brothers Pizza in the Pacific Region at a new Kadena AB Express in Japan.

“The Hunt team will be on site for training and initial support to help with the anticipated high demand from the troops,” said Exchange Kuwait General Manager Stanley Young. “The Exchange considers it an honor to have the opportunity to serve Warfighters in these remote locations.”


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The percentage of total Express Snack Avenue sales worldwide from Hunt Brothers Pizza restaurants.


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