Brenda Goodie

Family Serving Family: Mother’s Instincts Kicks In for Military Clothing Manager

Brenda Goodie


In true Family Serving Family fashion, Brenda Goodie knew that 2nd Lt. Richard Hadden Wilkens was a special customer when he came into the Exchange’s Military Clothing Store she manages at Nellis AFB, Nev.

His mother accompanied him.

“He was so excited about going to Officers Training School, a little overwhelmed, so my motherly instincts kicked in,” Goodie said. “I wanted his mother to know that I would look after her son, that I would do the best for her son, and I wanted him to look sharp so that he could wear that uniform with confidence.”

Apparently, both mom and son were very happy with her service.

2nd Lt. Richard Hadden Wilkens

“Thank you again for all your help in preparing me for OTS,” Wilkens wrote in an email to Goodie. “I had everything I needed for training and I am extremely grateful for it.”

Wilkens’ mother, who works at the installation’s child development center, stopped by the store to thank Goodie profusely.

“He looked smashing in his uniform,” the mother said.

To Goodie, her act of Family Serving Family meant one thing:

“We have a customer for life,” she said. “Kudos to the Exchange for being here for our Airmen.”

General Manager Matthew Beatty praised Goodie for how she served the Airman.

“Emails like this are priceless,” said Beatty. “It’s great to know that you and your team are keeping the core value of Family Serving Family alive and well.”

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