COVID-19 Heroes: Fort Polk Pizza Hut Delivers Smiles

The Exchange’s Fort Polk Pizza Hut stepped up to support the medical staff of Fort Polk’s Bayne Jones Army Community Hospital on May 6 with deliveries of 30 pizzas to day-shift workers and 10 pizzas to the night staff to fulfill a need for hot meals during the COVID-19 pandemic. A second delivery was made May 13 and another is scheduled for May 20.

Military and medical personnel at Fort Polk’s Bayne Jones Army Community Hospital haven’t had a place to get a hot meal onsite since the cafeteria closed in March to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

Relief arrived May 6 when the Exchange’s Fort Polk Pizza Hut delivered 30 pizzas for day shift workers and 10 more for the night shift.

“It went really great. Everyone was really happy,” said Angela Broyard, Services Business Manager at the Fort Polk Exchange. “These are trying times for all of us, so a little sunshine goes a long way.”

The hospital has limited staffing because of COVID-19. After the cafeteria closed, an Exchange micro market was the only place medical personnel and other hospital workers could go for something to eat.

Pizza Hut plans additional deliveries May 13 and May 20.

“The hospital team was extremely grateful,” Broyard said. “The Exchange also appreciates its partnership with Pizza Hut and everything the brand has done for us,” Broyard said.

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