June’s Customer Shoutouts: These Associates Rock!

Elena ‘Bonnie’ Buonocore
Europe Region/Vicenz

At the Subway, Bonnie deserves to be recognized for her excellent customer service skills and friendly attitude! She always greets us with a smile and even remembers my daughter’s order. We look forward to seeing her. She makes our day. We need more employees like Bonnie, she is the BEST!

Claire Chiyong CHO
Pacific Region/Camp Humphreys

I wanted to single out Claire at Subway in the 24-hour PX. Claire is an exceptional professional, and without a doubt someone who should be used as an example to others that work in the Subway. After having a tiresome day and working nonstop for hours, I decided to go to Subway. Claire was kind, and with a smile helped me order a highly customized sandwich. I have to say, it was the best sandwich I ever had in my life. I still chuckle at how well it was made. Claire helped me choose and customize it to my preference. My intention with this comment is that she would be given an award or something, because people this professional are rare. She deserves to be given something, so she continues working like she does. Even my wife was surprised. Thank you, Claire.

Francine Peli
Eastern Region/Fort Bragg

My wife and I went to get something to eat at Charley’s Steakery when it first opened at 11 a.m. The associate was working by himself and the line was getting long. He did an exceptional job taking orders, putting fries in the oil, making specialty drinks, cooking and adding sides. Francine at the Subway saw him working on his own and came to assist him. They both did an outstanding job in reducing the line and getting the sandwiches out to the customers.

During this entire time, they both were courteous, professional and most of all, did it with a smile on their faces. Great work to Kenneth and Francine!

Xavier Jones
Central Region/Fort Polk

I just want to give Xavier a shout out! His customer service is amazing at the Express. He has gone above and beyond and other people I work with say he gave them the same experience. I asked if they had any chicken sandwiches available yet and he said he would go ahead and get some ready for me and asked how many I needed. His willingness and great personality definitely sticks out.

Dyondre ZseDenny
Western Region/Beale AFB

I had been having computer problems and finally decided to buy a laptop. I am a senior citizen and, admittedly, a bit technologically challenged. Dyondre in the PowerZone was wonderful! He took a good deal of time to explain things to me and make many recommendations. He was very pleasant, polite and professional. And just to give you an idea what a nice guy he is, when I dropped my credit card, he quickly came all the way around the large counter enclosure and picked it up for me—very helpful since I have health problems and have a hard time bending over. I bought a laptop and an external DVD drive, and am very pleased to have had Dyondre’s help with those purchases. Please pass on my thanks for a job well done!

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