Valerie Madison

125 Years of Family Serving Family – Valerie Madison, Beale AFB Express Manager

Valerie Madison

One in a series honoring the Exchange’s 125 years of family serving family

Valerie Madison grew up around the Exchange. Her father served four years in the Air Force and 26 years in the Army. During his military career, he also worked part-time as a projectionist for Exchange movie theaters at Fort Ord and Patch Barracks.

It was only natural for Valerie to join the Exchange team 27 years ago, and she now serves as store manager at the Beale Air Force Base Capehart Express.

“I’ve been everywhere around the world, and the Exchange was always there for us,” Valerie said. “Now, as an associate, I’m able to give back. That’s the Exchange mission—to be there for the military.”

Valerie is also married to an Army Veteran who served for nine years. With her niece’s recent marriage to a Coast Guard member, every Service branch is now represented in her family.

With a father from Alabama and a mother from France, one thing Valerie has appreciated about working for the Exchange is the diversity among her co-workers and customers as she has traveled around the world and had the chance to meet new people.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Valerie saw in a new light the importance of the Exchange mission.

“As stores were shutting down, people really needed us. They were scared. I’m happy me and my team have been here every day for them,” she said. “These last few months have been one of the most important times of my career. I have a great team. We do whatever we need to do to serve the families.


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