Customer shoutouts - July

July’s Customer Shoutouts: These Associates Rock!

Michael Drogitis
Europe Region/Ramstein Air Base

I live in Stuttgart (Patch Barracks) and drove all the way to Ramstein (2 hours, one-way) to pick up a 300-pound Olympic weight set … I picked up the equipment on Thursday. After returning home and opening the five boxes I picked up from the Einsiedlerhof FMO warehouse, I realized the Olympic bar was unusable due to damaged threads on the collar/sleeve at the end of the bar. Total bummer—I spent 4 hours and $300 and didn’t have usable equipment for my home gym. I called up to the store on Saturday and Michael acted like a total boss! He was very apologetic and understood my frustration. He worked with his team over the weekend, and by Monday found a replacement item in the warehouse. He told me to just bring the bar back to the warehouse (no need to load and drive the other 255 pounds in my car!) and that I did not even need to come into the BX to talk to any employees or managers. He called me back to confirm everything was good and taken care of. I showed up at the FMO warehouse, and just like Michael said the warehouse guys were already aware and had the bar ready. Too easy! Michael even drove over from the store to say hi, apologize and check on me. That’s old school management, leadership, and people skills. Michael knows what he is doing—he is a people-person and a problem solver!

Erupi Autele
Pacific Region/Schofield Barracks

Erupi in the main store went above and beyond delivering excellent customer service. He helped me find a bike specifically for my daughter. I also purchased the assembly service. I was told that it would be ready by end of the day tomorrow since it was around 6:45 p.m. and it was almost the end of his shift. But when I got home around 7:25, he called and said that the bike was ready for pickup. I really commend his effort and time giving excellent customer service, and I am really satisfied with what I received. My daughter is so happy with her bike! Thank you! Hope you get more employees like him.

Catherine “Kitty” Harple
Eastern Region/JBMDL-Fort Dix

Kitty in Military Clothing sales is beyond helpful! She is so eager to assist customers and is so efficient in doing it. She really knows the store well and takes the time to make sure you get what you need. Thanks Kitty!

Martha Castanieto
Central Region/Fort Leonard Wood

This comment is for the crew at Vista Optical and mostly for Ms. Martha. The whole crew at this facility always offers outstanding customer service and friendliness. My husband and I are particularly grateful for Ms. Martha’s professionalism, knowledge and courtesy. Being stationed here for over three years, we have visited this store on several occasions and not once have we left disappointed. We trust Ms. Martha 100% in all the recommendations and suggestions she makes. Her knowledge and professionalism are outstanding. We were due to PCS this spring and made sure we both purchased new glasses before we left because we put our complete trust in Ms. Martha, and we don’t know if we are going to ever find somebody else as competent and kind. Thank you Ms. Martha for your dedication and everything that you do for the community. Thank you for your patience during our indecisiveness and for all the great tips you have offered to help us make the best decisions. We want you to know that every minute you have spent helping us is very much appreciated!

Lino Perez
Western Region/Dyess Air Force Base

I went into the Dyess Exchange looking for a new OLED TV. Dyess had a couple that were on clearance when I first started looking, but before long they were sold out. I looked around for an employee to help me find out more about OLED TV availability, and that’s when I found Lino Perez. I explained to Lino the situation, and he sat down with me searching far and wide for stores that had the specific TV available. We found some available at Travis AFB and Lino helped me set up a product transfer from Travis to my new base in South Dakota. I could tell that Lino cares about his job and the customers that come in every day. Thanks for the help, Lino!

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