Customer shoutouts - Sept

September’s Customer Shoutouts: These Associates Rock!

Kebba Singhateh
Europe Region/Ramstein Air Base
While in the PowerZone area of the Ramstein BX, Kebba Singhateh took the time to help me find what I needed and was very kind and polite. He explained the product and how it worked. This was for both a large item and a lower-cost item. He then kindly directed me to the department to find an entirely different product. The BX could definitely use employees throughout the store like Kebba Singhateh. Thank you, Kebba. Your professionalism and kindness was and is appreciated.

Evelyn Yamaguchi
Pacific Region/Yokota Air Base

I’d like to thank Evelyn Yamaguchi at the Fussa Gate shoppette for always helping us get the products that we need, whether it’s requesting specific items or letting us know when a shipment has arrived. Really good customer service and very friendly!

JaQuan Hooker
Eastern Region/Joint Base Andrews

JaQuan is an employee who went above customer service. He not only checked on an item for me but also took the item to the register for me to purchase. He was extremely busy, but he still provided excellent customer service to all in line.

Florita Farley and Antonio Lynn
Central Region/Fort Hood

I am a quarantine Soldier about to be deploy with 27 years of military service. I cannot make it to the store because of my status. I contacted Mrs. Florita and she assisted me with my order. I have managed stores in the past and took many customer service courses throughout the years. I can say with utmost confidence that Mrs. Florita has all the awesome customer service qualities you could ask for. If she does not know the answer, she will find someone who does. That leads me to Mr. Antonio Lynn, one of the store managers. He assisted me as well. The most admirable thing they did was call me back to go over my options. After I made my choice, they still called me back to make sure I was taken care of. I really appreciate that!

Jay Matlock and Mickey Doescher
Western Region/Fort Huachuca

The Exchange gun counter employees, specifically Jay and Mickey, are exceptional. Both are very courteous and have a wealth of knowledge in weaponry. It’s enjoyable to learn from their length of experience. I have recommended my Soldiers and friends that are eligible to shop at the main Exchange to deal with these two subject matter experts.

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