October’s Customer Shoutouts: These Associates Rock!

Customer shoutouts - October

Jerdeana Kirlew
Europe/Southwest Asia Region, U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria

I want to give kudos to a staff member at Grafenwoehr that diligently worked to ensure COVID-19 guidelines were met in the food court area. I watched Jerdeana handle numerous customers at one time. I first noticed her when I was at lunch and then again when I stopped back by after work to pick up dinner. There were so many people around her at one time trying to sit in the seating area to dine. Jerdeana gave instructions in a friendly and professional manner for hours. Even when people were asking her if everyone needed to sign in, she remained calm and professional and never even seemed to appear tired. She managed to single-handedly convey why everyone needed to sign in and out over and over again. There were multiple sign-in sheets, and she somehow managed to catch everyone coming in and out and find where they were listed on all of the sheets. Yes, she did her job, but I could tell she took ownership and felt a sense of responsibility to ensure everyone complied with the guidance. She executed her job in a manner that stressed that not only everyone had to comply, but that she needed and wanted people to understand why they needed to sign in—as she stated, “We want to keep everyone healthy.” Kudos to Jerdeana for doing her job well and with a smile.

Akiko Kuda
Pacific Region, Kadena Air Base

I want to comment on the person working in the jewelry section. Her name is Akiko, and she was SUPER helpful to me as a customer. I came in looking for a pair of sunglasses, and not only did she tell me that they have the pair I wanted, but that they will be going on sale soon—all while handling another customer with timely service. I love that customer service. I’d like to commend her on a job well done, and I will definitely be back when the sale begins to get my glasses!

Kheila Cordero
Eastern Region, Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst

I asked Kheila from the jewelry counter for assistance. She was SUPER fantastic! She went above and beyond in making sure I was taken care of. She was very sweet and very friendly! It was only my second time ever shopping at this Exchange as I was just stationed here. She really set the standard! I had questions about a sale and a free gift that comes with the sale—unfortunately, the store never received the gift for the sale, but she really made sure that I was taken care of and had a smile on her face the whole time. She even told me that whenever I was ready to check out to go see her at the jewelry counter and she would take care of me and make sure that all sale items I was purchasing rang up correctly! Kheila provided exceptional customer service to me and my family today.

Heather Daniels and Jacqueline Polk
Central Region, Fort Leonard Wood

I had the recent occasion to locate two iPad Air computers as gifts for my two granddaughters. The Exchange telephone order center was out of these items: gone, finished, nowhere to be found. The only thing I could do was start calling Exchanges at the various installations around the United States. I called the Fort Leonard Wood Exchange PowerZone and spoke to Heather Daniels. Ms. Daniels said she had two iPad Airs. They were considered open box as they had been returned to Apple reconditioned and sent back to the Exchange. I immediately told her I wanted to buy both units. Ms. Daniels stated I could come into the Exchange at my convenience and purchase both units and she would hold them until I got there. I then explained I lived in Glendale, Arizona, and would need her help to buy them with my MILITARY STAR® card and have the Exchange ship them to my home address. She was instantly amazing the way she set the units aside with my name on them and started the buying and delivery process. She said I should call the next day for an update. I made the call the next day, and Ms. Daniels had employed the services of the Operations Manager Jacqueline Polk. Ms. Daniels explained Ms. Polk would be talking with the Exchange management folks to find out how I could buy the two units and have the Fort Leonard Wood Exchange ship them both to my home. I then spoke with Ms. Polk on three different occasions where she explained her efforts to allow me to purchase the units. I have made a long, highly complex story relatively short: Ms. Polk and Ms. Daniels are amazing Exchange employees. I have shopped the Exchange in excess of 50 years and I have never encountered the likes of these two ladies. Their professionalism, care and concern for us as a family and our purchase was just phenomenal. I respectfully request that you extend our sincerest thanks to Ms. Polk and Ms. Daniels for their tireless efforts in making this unique, complex purchase turn out perfectly. Our two granddaughters are just ecstatic.

Mika Thompson
Western Region, Fort Irwin

Mika assisted me at the Goldstone Road shoppette and was beyond helpful! She was very polite, caring and diligent during our interaction. She went out of her way to assist me with getting the items I needed and filled more ice bags for me as the ones on the floor were all sold out. She didn’t have to do this, but I really appreciated it. She is an exceptional employee!

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