125 Years of Family Serving Family – Farfal Family, Spangdahlem

One in a series honoring the Exchange’s 125 years of family serving family

 In 2002, Dennis Farfal started working for the Exchange at the same Burger King his father, Pascal Farfal, started at in 2001. The Farfals have made serving with the Spangdahlem Air Base Exchange a family affair for nearly 20 years.

“My dad told me about the job opening,” Dennis said. “After I got the job, I knew that I would like working for the Exchange.”

Natascha, Dennis and Pascal Farfal have made working for the Exchange a family affair for nearly 20 years. They have found a home at the Spangdahlem Air Base Exchange.

Not long after Dennis started his Exchange career in Germany, he met his future wife Natascha.

“We met in the breakroom, and it was love at first sight,” Dennis said. “We’ve been married for 18 years and have two beautiful sons.”

Pascal, Dennis and Natascha have thrived at the Exchange. Pascal is now a loss prevention and safety officer; Dennis is a PowerZone associate and Natascha is a visual merchandiser.

“I cannot think of a better position I am suited for,” Dennis said. “Working as an electronics salesman has combined two things I really love—assisting people and electronics.”

Natascha also loves her job and serving military members.

“I love being creative and serving our customers,” Natascha said. “It never gets boring.”

Because Dennis and Natascha work at the same store, they also share many of the same friends and memories.

“It’s been an unforgettable experience that to this day,” Dennis said. “I am grateful to be a part of it.”

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