November’s Customer Shoutouts: These Associates Rock!

Customer shoutouts - November

EUR Customer Shoutout Nov 2020 - Faith ClontsFaith Clonts
Europe/Southwest Asia Region, Stuttgart-Panzer Exchange

I would like to recognize the customer service representative who assisted us, Faith. My son had been saving his money for a VR headset, which he ordered on the website. We received what I thought was the pickup email (which I failed to fully read), and he was devastated to find that his item had not been delivered. Faith was kind enough to try to find out where the item was. After looking in the system, she went inside the warehouse and came out with his order. Her actions made my son’s day, and I am very grateful. It was the difference between performing her job appropriately and providing superior customer service.

PAC Customer Shoutout Nov 2020 - Dee Kunert

Diana “Dee” Kunert
Pacific Region, Camp McTureous

Dee must have a doctorate in customer service, because I have never received better support. She is always a pleasure to see, stopping whatever she is doing to say hello and make me feel welcome. Recently, I asked if the store had a particular product in stock. Dee got my info and called the next day when it arrived. She even put it at the front of the store so that it was waiting for me to pick up.

EER Customer Shoutout Nov 2020 - Angela Owens

Angela Owens
Eastern Region, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

Pleased with the service I received from Angela. She actually took the time to explain to me how Vanilla Visa Gift Cards work, how to purchase them with my MILITARY STAR® card, and said if I have any questions to please come back and that she would help me. Now when I go to the Exchange, I look for her. She is a great asset to the customer service department.

CER Customer Shoutout Nov 2020 - Diana Hernandez

Diana Hernandez
Central Region, Fort Sam Houston

Diana Hernandez went above and beyond the call of duty by calling the managers at the PXtras in the local area as well as at Fort Hood. She also checked to see if the items I wanted were in stock anywhere in the network. She also checked to see if the item would be arriving at this Exchange location or any of the others that she contacted. I have never known a more enthusiastic, dedicated, committed and hard-working Exchange employee. In my view, Diana gives the term “Serving the Best Customers in the World” credit and more!

Teresa Topasna
Western Region, Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Teresa in Clothing and Sales absolutely went out of her way to ensure that my family was able to properly honor our beloved grandfather. A retired Special Forces Major who served in Korea and Vietnam, he had passed away and wanted to be buried in his uniform. His was lost long ago. I live out of state and only had four days to get a new uniform with all of his decorations. I called and spoke with Teresa regarding the situation and she immediately started pulling items for his uniform—from the dress blues and beret to the jump boots. She met with my family to help get all of the correct awards and badges for this hero’s uniform. I truly cannot thank Teresa and the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Exchange enough for assisting my family.

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