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HR’s Management Development Program Provides Path to Advance

When Human Resources decided to revamp its Management Development Program, one goal was paramount: It had to be open to all Exchange associates.

The enhanced and revitalized MDP, which launched in September, is a comprehensive tool that builds the most impactful soft and technical skills, by pay band, and links them to the associated learning opportunity, said Michele Weisshaar, chief of corporate learning.

The MDP becomes foundational training, streamlining existing programs by combining multiple initiatives and allows for the simplification of one practical and personalized track, to help the participant reach their learning and development goals.

Whether an hourly associate with aspirations for management, or a PB3 to PB5 manager, assigned in the field, or to HQ, the MDP has something for everyone.

“By taking the steps toward investing in your self-development, it shows that you are taking hold of your future development and are serious about nurturing new skills and becoming a more well-rounded associate,” Weisshaar said.

Detailed resources and guides are available in LEX and on the Human Resources portal, which walk associates through the program step-by-step. Associates, after checking with their supervisors, can start right away.

The program starts with a skills and competencies overview. A targeted learning and development guide recommends courses according to pay band that are available in either LEX or Percipio. Many are self-taught but some are led by instructors virtually, Weisshaar said.

Courses include core subjects, along with critical thinking skills, cause-and-effect analysis and thousands of other subjects.

Participants identify learning goals, complete a development plan worksheet and collaborate with their supervisors to achieve their goals.

Participants have one year to complete the program, after which their training records will be updated.

“This is an investment in our teams,” said Dr. Patrick Oldenburgh, senior vice president and chief Human Resources officer. “This will enable Exchange associates to acquire the skills, knowledge and resources that will ultimately influence the deeper success of the Exchange.”


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