125 Years of Family Serving Family – Sachie Yoshimoto, Camp Foster

One in a series honoring the Exchange’s 125 years of family

Sachie Yoshimoto is the operation manager at Camp Foster’s Exchange.

More than 17 years ago, Sachie Yoshimoto’s curiosity about working with U.S. service members – as well as a gentle nudge from her friend – led her to apply for a job at the Exchange.

She got two part-time jobs at Camp Foster, at the Captain D’s and Anthony’s Pizza restaurants, and has never regretted her decision.

“I have always had great admiration for U.S. service members who contribute to keep the world safe,” Yoshimoto said. “That is one of the main reasons I wanted to work with them.”

A couple of years later, she moved to the retail side of the Exchange where she gained valuable experience as an associate before being promoted to supervisor and, later, to sales area manager for several departments within the store. She also has experience as a vending manager.

Throughout her career, the Exchange has given Yoshimoto more opportunities for professional growth than she expected.

“I have had a lot of opportunities to gain a variety of experiences,” Yoshimoto said, “and I greatly appreciate the Exchange for allowing me to share and contribute to my fellow Japanese associates’ professional growth.”

Yoshimoto, now the operation manager at Camp Foster’s Exchange, uses her knowledge and experiences to mentor associates. She organizes and teaches monthly developmental training classes, called Exchange is You, which focus on the Exchange’s mission, core values and diversity.

“I have always been fascinated with the Exchange’s mission and vision,” Yoshimoto said. “Their core values have motivated me from day one to help the team so we can achieve our goals.”

Creating a positive work environment is one of Yoshimoto’s highest priorities as a leader. She lends her voice and listens to associates to help them become self-empowered

and work well as a team.

“In our training, we share our customer interactions and discuss the best ways to handle each situation correctly,” Yoshimoto said. “I also encourage them to use their good judgement to `solve for yes’ in difficult situations while satisfying the customers without leaning on a leader’s decision.”

Yoshimoto comes to work with a smile and the willingness to help others while serving U.S. service members and their families – the world’s best customers.







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