December’s Customer Shoutouts: These Associates Rock!

Customer shoutouts - December

Naim RashitiNaim Rashiti
Europe/Southwest Asia Region, Camp Bondsteel

I’m taking this opportunity to express my gratitude for the service I have received from Mr. Naim Rashiti. I started work at Camp Bondsteel in May 2015, when I met Mr. Rashiti. He was helpful in helping me find what I came for in the store. Six years later, he is as excited as ever to accommodate in helping me find what I’m looking for. What really surprises me is that he is the manager, but always works like he’s a stocker or a cashier. He’s always busy doing something in the store when I come. With that said, I would like to thank Mr. Rashiti for all his helpfulness and dedication to make me feel at home.

Chandra Hollins
Pacific Region, Kadena Air Base

If I could bottle Chandra’s customer service and sell it, I’d be a billionaire. Every time I step into the Exchange, Chandra is there with a compliment, a wave or some kind of personalized greeting to say hello. She addresses each customer like they are family and makes each experience personable and memorable. My mood improves in just the few moments I spend in the checkout line engaging with her, and that is truly impressive. Her positive attitude is just that contagious. She also goes above and beyond to help customers find items or suggest another Exchange where they can be located in the event the item is not there. Chandra is absolutely the standard in customer service.

Kelly Abbata

Kelly Abbata
Eastern Region, Fort Jackson

As a Veteran who hasn’t shopped at the Exchange in years, I wanted to submit positive feedback about Kelly at the Fort Jackson main Exchange. While stocking, she took the time to answer my questions about items in her section and also informed me of ones that had manufacturer’s coupons on them. She was very positive, upbeat, knowledgeable and informative. Thank you, Kelly, for your assistance.

Kimberly SandersMaggie Woods

Kimberly Sanders and Maggie Woods
Central Region, Fort Rucker

I want to commend Kimberly and Maggie at the Express, who went above and beyond for me when I came into the store panicked with a flat tire and not knowing what to do. They were both so caring and helped me fill out the paperwork to leave for Firestone so they would have it when they opened. I was a nervous wreck when I walked into the store and those wonderful ladies calmed me down and reassured me that Firestone would take care of me. It’s employees like these three who make businesses successful. Thank you so much for helping me.

Jasmine Mullin

Jasmine Mullin and Stella Smith
Western Region, March Air Reserve Base

Taking a moment to recognize two of your rock-star employees, Jasmine Mullin and Stella Smith. Both went above and beyond the call of duty, taking time away from their closing activities to assist me with finding several items for newly arriving members to our unit. I entered the store with the intention of finding the items I needed by closing time. Unfortunately, the staff that managed the uniform shop had departed, per their schedule, and I was initially not going to be able to get the nametapes we had expedited for delivery on that day. Initially, Jasmine came to assist me by volunteering with looking through the nametape cabinet for my expedited nametapes. Stella came by to support and started to look as well. These two are shining examples of service exemplified. I am proud to be able to have made their acquaintance. The following day, I made sure that I came back and recognized them in the way we do in the military: I presented Jasmine and Stella each with a coin in recognition of their efforts to assist that went above and beyond the call of duty.



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