January’s Customer Shoutouts: These Associates Rock!

Customer shoutouts - January 2021

Customer Shoutouts January 2020 -EUR - Jose Amador

Jose Gabriel Amador Montes
Europe Region/Stuttgart – Patch Barracks

Today, my husband, my children and I went to eat at the food court, and we decided to stay to eat there. We saw two ladies at the table next to ours, and each of them had a baby. One of the babies seemed to start choking on something, and the mom started to get anxious because the baby was having a problem breathing. An older man cleaning the tables moved toward the two ladies and asked the mother if he can help. The mother handed the baby to the gentleman, and he started to help with the baby. Something came out of the baby’s mouth and he give the baby back to the mother. The gentleman left for a couple of seconds and came back with a cup of water for the baby. He is a hero, and it makes me wish there were more people like him.

Customer Shoutouts January 2020 - PAC - Minoru Henza

Minoru Henza
Pacific Region/Kadena AB

I have lived here many years, and never once have I had an experience better than with Minoru, a cashier at the main store. For years, his customer service has been exceptional. He goes above and beyond to show his respect and kindness, even in the simplest transaction. I purposely look to see if he is working, because although it is brief, his kindness and respectfulness makes my day every time. He never wavers. He should be recognized for his consistency!

Customer Shoutouts January 2020 - EER - Barbara Ross

Barbara Ross
Eastern Region/Hurlburt Field

I think we have an outstanding team at Hurlburt. It is said that outstanding teams reflect their leadership. Ms. Ross has provided that leadership for the past three years and more. During this time, she has had hurricanes, hurricane support, a major building improvement with added departments, and adjustments to the current environmental conditions. During this time, I have bought items from her from the gun counter to the garden shop. This indicates that she has found that delicate balance between administrative duties and in the area of supervision. During those purchases, I found that she is an active listener, and she helped me buy the best item. It also indicated that the team respects her and is happy when she steps in to help. The present status of Hurlburt has been the result of the outstanding effort of Ms. Ross and her team doing what’s best for the customer, the community, the BX and each other. Ms. Ross is a tested and proven manager. I think she has done an outstanding job with the resources she has available.

Customer Shoutouts January 2020 - CER - Terence Smith

Terence T. Smith, Jr.
Central Region/Fort Leavenworth

I just wanted to say I had an outstanding experience at the Fort Leavenworth Exchange gun counter. I had the pleasure of being helped by Terence. He was attentive, friendly and made me feel like he was interested in making sure I was satisfied. He encouraged me to take a look at an item even though it meant more work for him. This is what great customer service is about, and he exemplifies it. I served 25 years and was an Army brat before that, so I have been to many exchanges since the ’60s. If those places were filled with folks like Terence, we would never shop anywhere else.

Customer Shoutouts January 2020 - WER - Shawn ErwinCustomer Shoutouts January 2020 - WER - Geordan Buenviaje

Geordan Buenviaje, Shawn Erwin
Western Region/Holloman AFB

Geordan Buenviaje, Shawn and the rest of the staff have always helped us. Their customer service experience is most appreciated. They’re friendly, experienced and knowledgeable, and their willingness to help is OUTSTANDING!

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