February’s Customer Shoutouts: These Associates Rock!

Customer shoutouts - February 2021

Customer Shoutouts February 2021 - Rebecca Potter

Rebecca Potter-Thalheimer
Europe Region/USAG Wiesbaden

This is a compliment that is far past due, but I want to thank Ms. Rebecca Potter-Thalheimer for her excellent service, quick thinking and care. Back in August, my family and I were still settling in from moving to Germany from the U.S., and we were having nothing but a difficult time with everything. We finally managed to get to the Exchange and order a king-size bed, but when the bed was delivered it couldn’t fit in our house. I called the Exchange, and Rebecca did a quick check and found a split king that would fit. Additionally, it could be delivered on the following day. Thank you, Rebecca. My wife and I were sleeping on really uncomfortable Ikea bedrolls for a week. If it weren’t for you, we would’ve likely ended up sleeping on them for who knows how much longer until we found a proper bed.

Customer Shoutouts February 2021 - PAC - Elizabeth Ayalin

Elizabeth Ayalin
Pacific Region/Yokota AB

I just wanted to drop a compliment for the dedication to service of Elizabeth Ayalin, who works in the furniture section of the Exchange. My family is new to Japan and came looking for furniture for our place in Minato City, Tokyo. During the past few weeks, she has made our search for furniture her search. She has helped us even when we’re not near the base by calling and emailing. We all understand that the inventory is lacking due to the COVID virus, but she has come up with new ways to try to find us the items that we are searching for. This employee shows dedication and initiative for her job. She is a credit to the Exchange and showcases the quality of personnel that is hired there. We have been very presently surprised at numerous employees’ helpfulness; however, none more than Elizabeth. Please reward this employee any way you are able to.

Customer Shoutouts February 2021 - EER - Dava Maestas and Ingrid Herrera

Dava Maestas and Ingrid Herrera
Eastern Region/Fort Gordon

I wanted to put a compliment in for Ingrid and Dava in the gun cage (department). I went in to purchase a weapon and become very flustered and not so friendly at first because of some situations, but neither of them were ever rude, unprofessional or unwilling to help. Ingrid was my sales associate and she tried hard to help as best she could. Dava was one of the managers. Another manager whose name starts with the letter “T” came to assist. She was unfamiliar, but she was also friendly. I wanted to thank Ingrid and Dava for the help I received. … They worked as hard as they could to help me. I really appreciate their patience and positive attitudes with me. Thank you so much!

Customer Shoutouts February 2021 - CER - Sourou Kiki 

Sourou Kiki
Central Region/Fort Riley

Sourou Kiki assisted me today in selecting a gift for my wife, who I know will be excited to receive it for her birthday. Sourou was very informative and provided first-class, thoughtful service. She is definitely the type of Exchange representative we love to see for our Soldiers, family members and civilians. You’re the best! Thank you Sourou!

Customer Shoutouts February 2021 - WER - Taylor Griffin

Taylor Griffin
Western Region/Davis-Monthan AFB

I would like to compliment Ms. Taylor Griffin. Taylor provides excellent customer service and attention to detail. Whenever I shop at the Exchange store, she is always pleasant and provides extremely good quality service with a caring and dedicated demeanor. She always provides five-star customer service with an excellent attitude. Thanks.

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