OPERATION: Call Out – Pacific Region

Operation Call Out

The following associates go above and beyond to take care of internal and external customers alike. Koki Iha; Yun-Chu, Kim; and Mika Belote take providing exceptional customer service to heart. This is evident in their actions and represents some of the “best of the best” for Pacific Region. Pacific Pride!

Iha Koki PAC COO Call Outs

Koki Iha

Mr. Iha is dedicated to his job and consistently goes above and beyond to satisfy our valued customers.

Koki, the shift manager at the Olympic Express, received the following compliment from a customer:

“I am writing this email in regards to the manager, Koki Iha, at the Kadena Olympic Express! He was so helpful to me by ordering a mojito mix that has been out of stock for some time on all bases. He kept me up-to-date via email and was sure to inform me the second it arrived. It was so amazing to have genuine customer service, especially in the times we live in. I just want to thank him and make sure he gets the recognition he deserves. This was the best customer service I have received on island. I am very grateful for his diligence and accommodation.”

Kim, Yun-chu PAC COO Call Outs

Yun-chu, Kim

A young Casey Soldier placed an online order for Popeyes chicken but entered the incorrect address. Mr. Kim attempted to contact the customer but was unsuccessful, and at first it appeared that he wouldn’t be able to make the delivery. He asked a couple of Soldiers in the area, if they knew the customer or where he might be. After a few inquiries and a little additional time, Mr. Kim was able to locate the customer at the range! The customer was grateful for the effort because he was on duty and could not leave his post. Despite the cold and the late hour, Yun-chu, went the extra mile and is an example of how to provide an exceptional customer experience. The customer wrote, “I ordered many times from Popeyes because I like the people working there, and Mr. Kim is the best! I’m sorry that I put the wrong address. I really appreciate Mr. Kim’s effort to find me. Thank you so much!”

Mika Belote PAC COO Call Outs

Mika Belote

IT Specialist Mika continuously goes the extra mile to solve for “YES.” During the past month she has spent many hours assisting the Okinawa and region teams due to multiple updates to the systems. She encountered issues on an Exchange laptop that she had not experienced before, but returned three days in row until she solved the problem. She displayed patience and professionalism and not once displayed a sense of resignation when looking for a solution. We have a great IT team, but out of all of them, she is the most responsive and is often asked for by name. Calling Mika means that all of your questions and concerns will be addressed in a timely, courteous and effective manner.

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