OPERATION: Call Out – Western Region

Operation Call Out

Donna Cuellar; Magaly Perdon; and Matthew Maneen Your vast experience providing an exceptional customer experience to our valued customers is commendable. You have a wealth of knowledge, and we thank you for your many years of service to our communities.

Donna Cuellar - Southwest COO Callout

Donna Cuellar

Donna Cuellar has been the Goodfellow’s Hardlines ICA for almost 28 years! She is always eager to help wherever needed, from running the register to stocking and assisting customers and helping anyone who asks. Donna’s exceptional work ethic, can-do attitude and customer service resulted in an increase of overall store sales by 25%, despite all of the challenges we faced during the pandemic. She has been instrumental in the store’s success while operating in a temporary facility during the store’s major renovation that is due to be completed Q2 2021. Donna is an exceptional example of the dedication and customer service our associates provide to our customers.

Magaly Perdon West Coast COO Callout

Magaly Perdon

Magaly Perdon has taken one of the Exchange’s core values to another level: Family Serving Family. Whether she is serving a first-time visitor or one of the many guests that she has made a personal connection with and knows by name, her friendly smile and great attitude still manage to come through. Magaly really treats all guests as family, and she truly loves serving our military. Her dedication to serving is noticed by each guest.

Matthew Maneen Northwest COO Callout

Matthew Maneen

Matthew Maneen is the owner of a base-favorite smoothie shop called F.U.B.A.R Drinks. He opened up his smoothie shop just three months ago. During hardships on base related to COVID-19, he implemented a new “parking lot pickup” service, and then the “text now, pick up later” program. After he saw the excitement it created, he announced a delivery service to major squadrons around base. The military and their families could not be happier with the direction of F.U.B.A.R Drinks. After being asked “What’s making you roll out all these programs?” he answered back, “This is what I would have wanted when I was in the military.”

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