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125 Years of Family Serving Family – Teresa Palu, Fort Hood

One in a series honoring the Exchange’s 125 years of family serving family

During her 34-year Exchange career, Teresa Palu has traveled around the globe and learned that it’s not as big as she once thought.

“I don’t know how many times I’ve PCS’d and run into customers or associates from past assignments,” said Palu, now the main store manager at Fort Hood. “It truly is a small world.”

Teresa Palu (right), now the Fort Hood Main Store manager, recognizes associate Frances Osorio on her five-year anniversary at the Exchange.

The family feel of the Exchange is not just from the connections to colleagues—Palu’s family works for the Exchange as well. Her brother, Robert Suesserman, is the Facility and Maintenance Office Chief for Western Region, and her niece, Tera Harris, works in contracting at Exchange headquarters.

It’s no surprise Palu has made a career out of serving the military, given her connections to it. Her brother and nephew served in the Navy, while her ex-husband and brother-in-law are retired Army.

Palu first heard of the Exchange while her then-husband was assigned to Manheim, Germany. As a new mom, Palu was looking for work when her husband suggested the Exchange. She applied and was hired as a laborer at Coleman Barracks.

Since then, she’s held positions as a sales associate, Military Clothing store foreman, logistics clerk, Military Clothing manager, Toyland and furniture manager, branch manager, Express manager, operations manager, sales and merchandising manager, main store manager and general manager.

“It has truly been a great experience working for the Exchange,” said Palu, who is jumping into her new role as Fort Hood MSM, a position she started six months ago. “I’m loving it!”

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  1. Robert Suesserman on March 3, 2021 at 1:42 pm

    Job well done to my older sister Teresa Palu 🙂

    • Loyd Brumfield on March 3, 2021 at 3:56 pm

      Thank you for supporting our awesome associates, Robert!

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