OPERATION: Call Out – Central Region

Operation Call Out

Renwick “Dwight” Scott, Michelle Johnson and Caelie Goins are exceptional associates that are customer-focused, dedicated to the mission and go above and beyond to serve our heroes and their families. They represent Central Region with enthusiasm and demonstrate our core values in all they do. We are proud of our teammates and thank them for a job well done!

CER - Dwight Scott

Renwick “Dwight” Scott
Barksdale AFB – Main Store

Since October, Dwight has been temporarily working as the Assistant Manager. During the fourth quarter, he demonstrated his 28 years of experience managing multiple facilities, successfully leading the main store team to success. Total inventory in the store is down $3 million, and the store sold nearly $2 million in product. With Dwight’s leadership, they generated 13.9% more in gross profit than the prior year, saved 11% in personnel costs and decreased expenses by 43% compared to the previous year. December was one of the best financial months for the Barksdale main store during 2020, with more than $74,000 in direct operating results. Great job, Dwight!

CER - Michelle Johnson

Michelle Johnson
Fort Campbell – GNC

Michelle served in the U.S. Army for 10 years and has been with CMP GNC for 20 years. Her shop is always clean, neat and organized. During this difficult time, she and her team always maintain COVID-19 procedures and have kept many health aids in stock to keep our customers healthy. She has even been able to keep up with supply and demand of vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and hand sanitizer. Michelle is a customer-oriented manager who is always willing to help her customers with whatever they need.

CER - Caeli Goins

Caelie Goins
Fort Riley – Food Court No. 2

Caelie is upbeat and energetic and a great team leader. She inspires her supervisors and peers alike to help promote teamwork and professionalism and connect with guests. She provides tremendous friendliness and courtesy to our guests and associates alike. In the last 12 months, Caelie has been a foreman for Subway, Qdoba, Charleys and Manchu Wok. She has taken on the role of scheduling and inventory as well as other measures to increase store operations. She is the ultimate team player and goes wherever there is a need for her assistance, including shifting across the food court and the stand-alone Burger King. Due to her ability to assist in controlling personnel costs and expenses, as well as increased sales, Charleys has had a positive direct operating result. She shares a genuine passion with teammates and promotes great teamwork.

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