OPERATION: Call Out – Pacific Region

Operation Call Out

Minoru Henza; Kim, Chi-un; and Kim, Sean Saehwan go above and beyond by providing exceptional and unwavering customer service. We appreciate them and are glad to have them on the Pacific Region Team. Pacific Pride!

PAC - Minoru Henza

Minoru Henza
Kadena Main Store

Mr. Henza has gone above and beyond his job of cashier.

He received the following compliment from a customer:

“I have lived here many years, and never once have I had an experience better than with Minoru. For years, his customer service has been exceptional. He goes above and beyond to show his respect and kindness, even in the simplest transactions. I purposely look to see if he is working, because although it is brief, his kindness and respectfulness makes my day every time. He never wavers and should be recognized for his consistency!”

PAC - Kim, Chi-un

Kim, Chi-un
Camp Walker – Middle and High School Cafeteria

Ms. Kim has gone above and beyond to ensure grab-and-go meals are provided to our community with great care and attention to detail. One of our grateful parents wrote a complimentary letter:

“Thank you for providing delicious and appealing breakfasts and lunches for my child during virtual learning under HPCON C. I picked up both at Daegu Middle-High School. It was clearly marked and organized. I was met by a friendly staff member that provided perfectly packaged, temperature-appropriate meals. Thank you for providing it free of cost. For me, it provides more time to teach my child instead of worrying about cooking healthy meals for him during the school day. This is one way AAFES is providing for their community, especially under such a stressful and unpredictable time as COVID-19. This program, you and your team are very much appreciated”.

PAC - Kim, Sean Saehwan

Kim, Sean Saehwan
Camp Humphreys – Young Chang Music Shop

Working with the Exchange services team, Mr. Kim has offered many great ideas when it comes to promotions for the music shop. Due to his great promotional ideas, sales in December 2020 totaled $29,805, the highest sales for any month in 2020. Sales for 2020 totaled $200,134, a 7% increase from 2019. For Valentine’s Day, he introduced a seven-day sale that produced sales of $945 as a daily average and $6,615 for the entire duration of the sale. Even with the installation at HPCON C, Mr. Kim manages to develop great customer relationships through his conversation on music styles, providing detailed information on any instrument and making them feel safe to come in to test them.  Customers always leave Mr. Kim’s Music Shop fully satisfied with their purchase. He is truly Making Humphreys Home to his customers.

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