OPERATION: Call Out — Central Region

Operation Call Out

Jay Lawler, Jimmie Gomez and Angelo Ezell are outstanding associates that are customer-focused, dedicated to the mission and go above and beyond to serve our Heroes and their families.  They represent Central Region with enthusiasm and demonstrate our Core Values in all they do. We are proud of our teammates and thank them for a job WELL DONE!

Harry “Jay” Lawler
Redstone Arsenal/Columbus Exchange – Barbershop Manager

Despite having a newborn at home, as well as the stress and risks he faces each day, Jay goes above and beyond for his clients. He selflessly works every day knowing he’s helping people maintain their quality of life. He is truly making a big difference in our community. He has always maintained a very positive and friendly attitude toward all our clients. Jay is a prime example of determination, hard work and effectiveness. It is rare to come across a person that is attentive to the smallest of details. Redstone is lucky to have him.

James “Jimmie” Gomez
Offutt AFB — Military Clothing Store

Jimmie is a highly valued member of the Offutt MCS team. He accomplished superior results in numerous areas with his passion to give each customer the very best service. Jimmie was our top associate for approved Military Star cards in 2020, and he is already in the lead for 2021. He averaged over 11% in 2020 for Star card penetration rates and continuously encourages his peers to compete with his leading percentages. Jimmie’s strength is interacting with customers, from special orders to not-in-stock items. He assures the customer he will deliver, and he does! Jimmie’s connections throughout the MCS CONUS community are what makes this possible. In addition to his outstanding customer service, Mr. Gomez is passionate about the AAFES mission.

Angelo Ezell
Fort Polk – Burger King

Angelo provides excellent customer service to Fort Polk’s customers. His outgoing personality makes him a favorite whether he’s working the drive-thru or the front counter. He is a Team Leader and Onboarding Peer for Burger King and takes pride in orientating new hires. Angelo can be counted on to accomplish all assigned tasks with detail to all aspects of the task.

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