OPERATION: Call Out — Eastern Region

Operation Call Out

Eastern Region is proud to recognize Jo Tredway, Jessica Foster and Crystal Young their contribution to our Exchange mission!

Jo Tredway
Fort Bragg – Mini Mall Starbucks

Jo is a warrior!  Through her hard work and dedication, she manages the No. 1 Starbucks in sales within the Exchange. Sales for 2020 reached $2,014,631, and she is off to a great start to exceeding that in 2021!  With the challenges brought on by 2020, Jo ensured her customers were taken care of daily. She continues to strengthen relationships with the local Starbucks district manager, the region food teams, and the Starbucks Restaurant Program Planner to stay up to date with trends, specials and new initiatives.  Thank you, Jo, for all you do!

Jessica Foster
Langley Military Store – S&MM

During her store manager’s recent absence, Jessica has done a great job keeping the store running smoothly. She is committed to the AAFES mission, consistently providing her team with a learning environment and strategic planning. Jessica works with her staff and store manager to guarantee Langley Military Store continues to excel. By controlling man-hours, she assisted in decreasing personnel cost by 11%, or $220,000 compared with the previous year. Jessica and her team achieved a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) rating of 90 and associate engagement job satisfaction survey (AEJS) score of 78 vs. an 88.1 CSI and a 71 AEJS score the previous year!  During this challenging year, she and her team achieved a Military Star penetration of 29.8% vs. 27.76% prior year, or an increase of 7%.  Jessica is a true example of Family Serving Family, staying connected with the community and the pulse of the store, ensuring customers and associates are taken care of.

Crystal Young
Fort Jackson Military Store – Materials Handler

Crystal has been with the Fort Jackson Military Store Exchange family for 19 years. She has performed above expectations as the lead for SFS or MAO: Manhattan Active Omni.  During the stressful and uncertain time of COVID-19, she managed to push her team forward, increasing sales by 69% or $2.8 million vs. $1.7 million in 2019. She continuously goes above and beyond, successfully transitioning from the old system to the new MAO system. Crystal has been instrumental in the training process, starting with her team, ICAs, Ops, supervisors and managers, ensuring everyone understands and can move through the new system with ease. Crystal leads by example, and her team provides total customer service in the facility to both internal and external customers. We received a customer comment praising Crystal’s actions for exceeding expectations by filling buy-online/pickup-in-store orders, curbside pickup and ensuring all her customers’ orders are filled correctly and on time. She is truly an asset to Fort Jackson/Shaw Exchange and the AAFES family!


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