OPERATION: Call Out — Europe Region

Operation Call Out

Anthony Fairclough Jr., Ronnie Guidry and Emma Cleaver‘s hard work and dedication to our service men and women is outstanding.  Their efforts to continuously find new ways to provide extra customer care is appreciated, and we are proud to have them on the Europe team!

Anthony Fairclough Jr.
Jordan – Retail Business Manager

Anthony is a shining example of the level of care he provides to his team, both internal and external.  Recently we received this comment from the Aerospace Medicine Flight Chief in Al-Azraq for his drive to keep Warfighters safe: “I would like to give a huge thanks to Mr. Anthony Fairclough for his proactive actions in stopping the spread of COVID at AAFES locations in Jordan. By monitoring his employees, he salvaged 75% of his workforce without interrupting his mission for the BX and other services under his purview. He has been a conduit for public health at various AAFES locations throughout Jordan, advising and mitigating potential threats to resources before problems expand.”

Ronnie Guidry
Hainerberg Express – Customer Service

As a former Soldier, Mr. Guidry understands the military mission, providing compassion and ‘’espirit de corps’’ when serving our Military and their family members. After having been with the Exchange for over 23 years, at several locations throughout AAFES Europe, he is a welcoming/familiar face that provides comfort to the customers who come to see him. Mr. Guidry has developed a thorough understanding of the operation and takes the initiative in fulfilling multiple roles and tasks as needed during his shift, including staying past his schedule to cover a colleague’s shift. He always goes the extra mile to avoid long wait times for our valued customers, and always has a smile. He is truly the epitome of Family Serving Family.

Emma Cleaver
RAF Lakenheath – Food Service

Emma has been instrumental in getting the movie theater popcorn program started in the United Kingdom and has maintained it over the past year. She contacts each facility weekly to confirm the amount of popcorn they need to receive. She popped 14,860 bags of popcorn during the year, adding an additional $22,141 to the UK Exchanges’ sales. Emma is truly one of the UK’s shining stars, an asset to the Exchange and the community.


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