Operation: Call Out — Central Region

Operation Call Out

Maria Townsend-Dennis, Carla Palazzola and Mike Enriquez are truly outstanding associates who are passionate about enhancing the customer experience. They represent the superior teammates we have across the entire Central Region. They show great enthusiasm in their work and strive to exemplify our core values daily. We are honored to have them on our team and thank them for representing Central Region.

Maria Townsend-Dennis

Maxwell AFB Main Store — Estee Lauder/Clinique Store Rep

Maria has been the counter manager for Estee Lauder/Clinique for almost 4 months. We did not have prestige vendor representation for most of 2020 and this reflected in our sales.  When Maria joined the team, she brought a new burst of energy. Her areas were behind almost 40% for 2020 due to no representation, testers or inventory. She displays amazing energy from the moment she walks in, until she walks out the back door at the end of the day. Her YTD March results for Clinique are down by less than 20% and Estee Lauder is down by just over 20%. With inventory just now coming in, Maria makes a point to help the customer with any and every need they have on the center pad.  She is a very positive, friendly and results-driven person who has proved to be an example and an asset to the Maxwell Main Store.

Carla Palazzola

Tinker AFB — Burger King Manager

Even with the setbacks of 2020 due to the pandemic, Carla has proved to be unstoppable — installing new menu boards, repairing a drive-thru sinkhole, not to mention her work during this year’s winter storm. She continues to ensure all customers have a pleasant and safe dining facility while still ending the year’s SOS (speed of service) at 2:31; 14 seconds less than BK goal of 2:45. Carla persevered, continued to work hard, and saw a 37% reduction in personnel cost, 25% reduction in overall expenses, and exceeded the gross-profit goal at 74.5% while still putting $100k on the bottom line. She has shown the true meaning of what it means to “Serve the Best Customers in the World!”

Mike Enriquez

Lackland AFB — BMT Mini-Mall South Troop Store

Mike, a team leader and 20-year Navy Veteran, displays hard work and a willingness to serve the Air Force at its foundation through supporting the basic trainees starting their journey to be Airmen. His positive attitude influences the team to generate upward of 800 backpacks per week, full of essential items such as toothbrushes, deodorant and shampoo. These backpacks generate $141k in weekly store sales. Mike and his team at the BMT South Troop Store continue to deliver excellence and live out our core value of Family Serving Family.



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