Operation: Call Out — Eastern Region

Operation Call Out

Eastern Region is proud to recognize Julio Lorenzo, Emelita Rogers and Rosemary Obesso for their contribution to our Exchange mission!

Julio Lorenzo

MacDill Main Store — Stockroom Foreman

Since joining the team, Julio has shown a positive drive that is contagious to everyone around him.  Starting in eComm, moving to laborer, and now having been promoted to foreman, he utilizes leadership and organizational skills he learned as a military NCO of an armory. Julio creates a positive energy in the stockroom and on the sales floor. He is continuously looking for better, more efficient ways to complete daily tasks, while driving his associates to do the same. Julio is a hard worker and a clear leader, and has been very motivational to his team. He willingly accepts and champions changes within the organization as they come, pushing his team toward these changes with a positive outlook. Julio has proven to be invaluable to the MacDill Main Store and deserves this recognition.

Emelita Rogers

Tyndall AFB — Food Service Foreman

Emily has worked for the Exchange for nearly 20 years at various locations. She is a pure delight to work with and has such a high, positive energy that all our customers notice and enjoy. Even through the hardships over the last two years at Tyndall, Emily comes to work with a smile and a drive to succeed, and she always provides excellent customer service. She is constantly being recognized by our customers and has received 12 positive comments already this year. Emily is a star who burns bright, not because she must, but because she wants to, and she is helping the business grow to pre-hurricane numbers.

Rosemary Obesso

Robins and Moody AFBs — Services Business Manager

Rosemary has been with the Exchange for almost 10 years. She maintains our short-term vendors and our long-term commodities in the Robins and Moody concession malls and has developed a great relationship with other organizations on both installations. Despite challenges brought by the pandemic, Rosemary has ensured our concession malls are full of great vendor partners to provide our valued customers with a variety of products. She takes pride in her work and always goes above and beyond what is expected to deliver the best customer service. In 2020, Rosemary secured a concession-run Subway operation at Moody and partnered with several food truck operators to offer more food options for the community. This year, she has two big long-term contracts at Robins that will enhance the quality-of-life programs for the community — Panda Express and Bun-D.  Rosemary truly demonstrates the Exchange core value of “Family Serving Family.”

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