OPERATION: Call Out — Pacific Region

Operation Call Out

Pacific Region has selected Patrick Mesa, Kim, Chae-song and Yang, Se-Yong Yang for going above and beyond to take care of the “best customers in the world” in the “best region in the world.” The one constant visible in the actions of Chae-song, Patrick and Se-Yong’s is that each of them took the necessary time to understand the issue and provide the best solution. These customer experiences will translate into repeat visits because they demonstrate we are “family serving family,” and we will take care of you. Making only three selections from the many outstanding examples provided this month was challenging, but we are confident these associates represent the “best of the best” from the Pacific Region.  “Pacific Pride!”

Patrick Mesa

Store Manager

Guam – Andersen AFMCS

We recently received the following customer comment: “When I entered the store, I was greeted and offered assistance by the manager. I explained my father had just passed and he offered his condolences.  He assured me he and his team would do whatever they could to make sure my father is laid to rest with the honor he earned. Once I provided my father’s information, they scattered and grabbed everything they needed. I was amazed by their energy! The manager asked me for the details about my father’s size and height. I showed him pictures and from there, he was able to select a coat, shirt and pants. He also made me laugh, and I really needed that. I was worried the uniform wouldn’t fit and I would not have time to come back but they explained the process of how he will be dressed and how the uniform doesn’t need to be an exact fit. A few days later, as my father was laid to rest, he looked as handsome and sharp as ever!  They were an amazing team with a service I will remember.  Thank you!!”

Kim, Chae-song

Automotive Worker 

Camp Walker Service Station

After a long day of visiting the hospital, mentally and physically tired from the events of their day,  one of our families found they had a flat tire. They made their way to the Camp Walker Service Station around 4. p.m.  Automotive worker Chae-song Kim heard their story and located a replacement tire. He immediately went on the service call and changed their tire in the hospital parking lot. After changing the tire, he took them back to Walker CCC to conduct a vehicle safety inspection. Mr. Kim spent more than two and half hours to ensure this family was able to safely go on their way. He continuously provides outstanding service to our valued customers, and this is just another example of how he listens to their needs in order to provide timely solutions to problems in a polite, professional and caring manner.

Yang, Se-yong 

Food Account Manager

Kunsan Subway

We had a customer place an order online via iMenu360, and he included many special instructions for making his sandwich due to his allergies.  The manager, Mr. Yang, made the sandwich exactly the way the customer requested it. He even put a note in the bag to ensure the customer knew his requests had been acknowledged and he could enjoy his sandwich without worry.  After receiving his order, the customer provided online feedback for his great customer service: “I wanted to thank you so much for preparing my food. It was fresh and super yummy! Thank you for leaving the note in my bag respecting my request to avoid getting sick. It really means a lot to me.  Thank you again … so much!!!”  This is an excellent example of taking care of our customers!


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