OPERATION: Call Out — Pacific Region

Operation Call Out

Pacific Region has submitted some great nominations, and we have selected the following associates for exceeding expectations in taking care of the “Best Customers in the World.” Rumiko Maekawa reacted instantly to assist a customer after closing, Michael Kloberdance demonstrated “Family Serving Family” in helping a family member make a service member’s birthday a special one while in ROM, and David Krause went the extra mile to get a customer an item from a concessionaire located in Okinawa and shipped it to Korea. We hope the efforts of these associates will build a lasting relationship with the Exchange that will carry over when service members return to CONUS. Although it was a difficult decision, we believe that these associates represent the best of the best from the Pacific Region.  “Pacific Pride”

Rumiko Maekawa

Store Associate

Okinawa-Camp Hansen Branch Store

Rumiko Maekawa is the epitome of exceptional customer service. She consistently displays the four foundations of customer service and supports all the Exchange programs, ensuring the best shopping experience for “Every Customer, Every Time.”  Recently, a customer came into the store in need of a personal care product.  Even though the store had closed five minutes earlier and other customers had already filtered out, Rumiko helped the customer find the needed item and got him checked out. He was extremely satisfied and commented on Rumiko’s impeccable customer service to the shift manager on his way out the door.  This is just one of many instances where she has helped customers in similar situations.  Thank you, Rumiko, for your amazing customer service!  You set the bar higher for all of us.

Michael Kloberdance

Delivery Associate

Yokota Food Court

In November 2021, Michael will celebrate 10 years of service with the Exchange family. He is highly professional, courteous, and provides excellent customer service. He is always seeking new ways to show initiative and take action. As a result, several of the comments on our iMenu Delivery have expressed  gratitude to the facility management for its excellent customer service.  The following customer comment is a perfect example of why we are so proud to have Michael on the Yokota Exchange Team! “I had the most exemplary customer experience today from manager, Isabel Garcia and delivery driver Michael. I have a family member stationed at Yokota, and I’m in CONUS.  He is there alone, and I wanted to surprise him for his birthday.  I called Baskin-Robbins to see if they delivered to the base. The manager, Ms. Garcia, arranged for his favorite ice cream cake to be decorated and delivered with a card! They delivered the cake together and sent me a photo of him with the cake when it delivered. I wanted to tip them, but Ms. Garcia advised that wasn’t possible. Understanding how hard it can be living overseas, she said it made her day to do something nice for someone. Isabel and Michael went out of their way to bring joy to someone on their birthday, and words cannot express how much this meant to me. I will be forever grateful to Isabel and Michael, and I wish I could repay them for their kindness and generosity. If possible, please recognize them for their dedication. People like them make the world a better place, and representatives like this at the Exchange are irreplaceable.”

David Krause

Services Supervisor

Camp Humphreys Exchange

Recently, a customer came into the Humphreys Services office with a request for an item not carried at USAG Humphreys. The customer sat down with the Exchange Services supervisor, Mr. Krause, and told him about the item he was looking for. During a visit to Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, the customer had seen a set of Japanese samurai armor at one of the concession shops.  He asked Mr. Krause if there was any way possible to purchase this armor and have it delivered to him in Korea since he had not been able to travel back to Japan due to the current pandemic.  The customer was not sure of the shop’s name, only that it was located by the Kadena Main Exchange.  With the help of the Services Business manager, Ms. Choe, Mr. Krause was able to contact the assistant Services manager from the Okinawa Exchange Services Office. They were able to locate the vendor and provide pictures of the set of armor the customer was referring to.  Mr. Krause sent the information to the customer, and he was overjoyed. Mr. Krause coordinated with Kadena Exchange Services for the customer to make payment and have the armor shipped to his address in Korea.  Thank you, Mr. Krause, for going above and beyond your duties!

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