OPERATION: Call Out — Pacific Region

Operation Call Out

Pacific Region’s team members continue to demonstrate what it means to be “Family Serving Family.”  Each month, we have the honor of receiving numerous nominations about their selfless acts of dedication. It is our honor to present this month’s Pacific Region “Best of the Best” — Mika Hirano, Jason Bigtas and Seo, Kwang-hyun — with this recognition.  Congratulations, and thank you for taking care of the “Best Customers in the World” in the “Best Region in the World.”  Pacific Pride!

Mika Hirano
Inventory Control Associate
Misawa Main Store

Mika Hirano has worked for the Exchange family for over 19 years, with experience ranging from food to jewelry supervisor. Now, as an inventory control associate in jewelry and softlines, she is a big part of the Main Exchange operations. She has made major contributions to the Jewelry Pad Initiative, resulting in a 29.8% increase in jewelry and an 8.2% increase in cosmetics. Mika is a humble team player, always stepping up without hesitation or being asked. She makes it part of her job to take charge when one of the other ICAs is out to keep the team moving forward. Keeping the management team updated on any changes, Mika holds the Exchange’s core values in her heart.  She is a great asset to the Misawa Exchange. Keep up the great work, Mika-san!

Jason Bigtas
Popeyes Food Service Worker
Hickam AFB

Jason has been with the company for over a year and has continued to perform his duties with great care and pride. He is friendly to customers and co-workers alike, providing great customer service while still manning his area of responsibilities. Jason’s multitasking abilities are displayed in his daily work, as he ensures all safety protocols are met and runs each station proficiently. He keeps up with the hectic demands, ensuring customers at Popeyes receive their order freshly made, with no wait time. His sense of urgency on the front line and fry station have proved to the management staff what a great asset Jason is to the team and to the Hawaii Exchange.

Seo, Kwang-hyun
Haekang Taxi Service
Osan Air Base

Mr. Seo is the manager for the Haekang Taxi Service at Osan AB. He truly exemplifies the Exchange’s vision to be the preferred retail and services provider for military families through extraordinary service.  Recently, an Osan AB newcomer experienced an emergency concerning his pet. The customer did not have a vehicle, so he called the Exchange Haekang Taxi Service for assistance. Not having a taxi suitable for a large dog kennel, Mr. Seo coordinated with his resources and sourced a larger vehicle and stayed with the customer at the vet so he wouldn’t have to worry about finding a way back home with his dog. Mr. Seo also called the customer over the weekend to check on the dog’s health and see if anything else was needed.  The customer expressed his gratitude to Mr. Seo and commented that without his help, the dog might not still be with them today. Mr. Seo continues to put customers first and guides his team with the same values.  We truly appreciate having such a great partner that not only goes above and beyond, but also truly builds the emotional connection with his customers that the Exchange strives for daily.

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  1. Melissa Bigtas on September 15, 2021 at 7:08 pm

    Congratulations Jason!! Job well done!

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