OPERATION: Call Out—Pacific Region

Operation Call Out

The Pacific Region has selected Kim, Pyong-man, Kelvin Tucker Jr. and Dr. Yun, Woo Sung for going above and beyond to take care of the “best customers in the world” in the “best region in the world.”  The one thing that is constant is that they all took the time necessary to understand an issue and provide the best solution.  These customer experiences will translate into repeat visits because they demonstrate that we are truly “Family Serving Family” and we will always take care of you. These examples represent the “best of the best” from the Pacific Region. Pacific Pride!

Pyong-man Kim
Retail Manager
Hovey PX – KNO Exchange

Due to the sudden COVID-19 outbreak at Camp Hovey, the base commander directed three weeks of movement restrictions for all Soldiers during troop rotations in July. The Hovey PX was faced with an emergency that required it to carry significantly more products than usual. Retail Manager Kim, Pyong-man immediately jumped into action, assisting with receiving merchandise and helping with the checkout process. Mr. Kim coordinated with brother and sister branches for products that the Hovey PX needed and thanks to voluntary support from associates, the store was able to go from being short-staffed to successfully supporting the units until movement restrictions were lifted. Thanks to these efforts, the Hovey PX not only increased sales by 61% and the bottom line by 80% compared with last year, but also successfully supported the troops during a time of great need.

Kelvin Tucker Jr.
Subway Food Service Foreman
Camp Zama Exchange

Kelvin’s exceptional customer service shows his hard work and dedication to the customers he continues to serve. He consistently goes above and beyond his work duties. Recently, a customer from Yokosuka Naval Base accidentally ordered a pizza from Camp Zama Anthony’s Pizza—48 kilometers away. After the transaction was complete, the customer realized she would not be able to drive to Zama for a refund.  Kelvin assured her that Anthony’s would issue a gift card for her refund and that he would personally deliver the gift card to Yokosuka NEX customer service, where her sponsor could pick it up on her behalf. His contributions play a significant role in the success of the Exchange as proved by the positive customer feedback and regular foot traffic in the Zama Food Court. The Exchange recognizes the value of hard work and appreciates Kelvin’s consistent encouragement and motivation.

Dr. Yun, Woo Sung
Orthodontist—Humphreys Dental Clinic
Humphreys Exchange

Dr. Yun works hard to treat customers like family. Recently, Dr. Yun received the following customer comment: “I stared out with Dr. Yun in Seoul, and then followed the clinic down as they opened up at Humphreys. I have never ‘liked’ to go to the dentist, but the staff makes the visits very easy going and enjoyable. My son, my daughter, and I all go to the clinic for dental and orthodontics, and we will be sad to have to find a new office when it’s time to PCS!!!” His customers show their appreciation by coming back again and again, and this repeat business shows in the sales. In 2021, the Humphreys Dental Clinic’s average monthly sales have been 22% higher than the original estimated sales projected before opening. Dr. Yun also reaches out to the community on monthly AFN Radio interviews to provide information on dental health, and even hosts events like “Give Kids a Smile,” where he offers free cleanings, exams and fluoride to kids who are not insured with Tri-Care!  Dr. Yun has done a great job in making Humphreys home. Thank you, Dr. Yun!

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