OPERATION: Call Out—Pacific Region

Operation Call Out

The Pacific Region has  selected the following associates for going above and beyond to take care of the “best customers in the world” in the “best region in the world”. The one thing that is constant in each of Alison Murankus, Kiyoto Yamazaki and Christie Manalac’s actions is that they all took the time necessary to understand the issue and provide the best solution. These customer experiences will translate into repeat visits because they demonstrate that we are truly “Family Serving Family” and we will always take care of you. These examples represent the “best of the best” from the Pacific Region. Pacific Pride!

Alison Murankus
Customer Experience Associate
Wheeler Express-Hawaii Exchange

Alison is well-known for having a big heart. Recently she displayed it again as she helped an elderly woman with buying her medication. After the customer arrived at the store, she realized she forgot her wallet at home. Unfortunately, the store was closing soon and there wasn’t time for the woman to retrieve her wallet and return. After hearing her predicament, Alison offered to the buy the woman’s medication so she wouldn’t have to leave empty-handed. The customer was extremely grateful and happily accepted her generosity. Weeks passed and an Army Captain came into the store asking for the woman who helped the woman buy her medication. Alison spoke up saying she remembered helping a lady who had forgotten her wallet. The captain said he’d been coming into the store for a week hoping to say “thank you” as the elderly customer was his mother. The Wheeler community is very lucky to have Alison, and we greatly appreciate her commitment to serving those who serve!

Kiyoto Yamazaki
Fleet Service Foreman
Airline Catering – Yokota AB

Kiyoto Yamazaki, a Fleet Service foreman in airline catering, has the responsibility of scheduling staff in support of Patriot flights through Yokota. During normal operations, ALC supported four regular Patriot flights per week. In the last year because of restriction movements imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been supporting six flights per week. Since the beginning of summer vacation, we have increased to eight flights per week. With so many catering requests coming in, scheduling flexibility has become even more demanding, and the constantly changing environment makes arrival times hard to predict. Despite all this, Kiyoto-san has managed to present the employees with a clear direction, allowing them to finish preparing the in-flight meals without delay. Kiyoto-san has amazing attention to detail, and uses this skill to adjust work hours to accommodate the changing flights. Thanks to his hard work, everything has remained on schedule and any challenges mitigated successfully. Thank you, Kiyoto!

Christie Manalac
Optometry Clinic Receptionist
Okinawa Exchange

Ms. Christie has been a member of the Exchange Optometry Clinic since November 2019. We are very proud of her level of expertise and willingness to assist customers in a professional manner. In fact, we received a positive customer comment about her excellent customer service: “I was getting contacts for the first time, and Christie was such an integral part of my learning experience about how to properly care for contacts. I truly appreciate the immense level of patience she had with me. I had difficulty putting the contacts in, so she had to watch me poke myself in the eye for what felt like an hour, and that was only putting them in. Taking them out was another story! I finally got the hang of it quickly with her assistance and advice. She also laughed at my jokes, so that was a plus too. A true 10/10 experience.”

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  1. Stephanie on October 4, 2021 at 1:08 pm

    So touched by these stories, thank you team for taking such super great care of our customers! Way to go, you all are a true inspiration! Thank you!

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