OPERATION: Call Out—Eastern Region

Operation Call Out

Eastern Region is always so proud to show off our associates. For November, we want to congratulate Gina Sandwell, Dionne Albea and Jason Cook for being our “Call Out” associates of the month! Thank you so much for what you not only do for the Exchange every day, but most importantly what you do for our great customers EVERY DAY!

Gina Sandwell
Burger King Foreman
Moody AFB

Gina has been a dedicated Exchange associate for over 14 years, and throughout her service to the Moody Exchange Community, she has proven she has the “It Factor.” Even though the last 18 months has been a challenge for the food industry, she clearly understands the Exchange mission. Her positive attitude is contagious, as she greets every customer with a smile. Fast food can be hectic at times; however, Gina has what it takes to meet the challenges that arise. Her determination and dedication have contributed to the YTD sales of $237,550; 15% above last year and 13% above annual financial plan.  Direct operating results of $31,729; 175% above annual financial plan.  Gina leads the BK team in the absence of senior leadership without missing a beat.  Her priority is always taking care of her customers. Moody Exchange may be small in size, but Gina Sandwell is indeed a “BIG” contributing factor to BK and the Exchange. Thanks, Gina!

Dionne Albea
Supervisor Central Checkout & Customer Service
Fort Stewart Main Exchange

Mrs. Dionne is our supervisor over central checkout and customer service. She takes pride in her job and her associates. Recently, she and her team were tasked to raise our customer surveys, as they were lacking luster. She and her team came up with a plan and executed it without a hitch, resulting in the number of surveys going from 36 to 1,244 in a month. With the increase in surveys, our overall satisfaction score rose 5 points from an 88 to a 93. Mrs. Dionne excels in anything she is tasked to do as seen in the customer survey results. Great job Mrs. Dionne and CCO/CS Team!

Jason Cook
Visual Merchandiser
Robins AFB

Jason Cook is a first-rate example of what it means to serve Airmen, family and the Exchange. He serves both Robins and Moody AFB. Once a week, he makes a four-hour round trip to take care of all the visual-merchandise needs at Moody, taking as much time as required to complete the necessary tasks, providing the same level of service as at his home base. Jason is always thorough and professional, driven to ensure his work is completed at the highest level of standards. He coordinates and plans, changing focal and displays after each holiday, often building a display that exceeds expectations. Jason has vast knowledge in many departments within the Exchange and frequently assists with tasks outside of his area of responsibility, sharing his knowledge to ensure the best possible level of customer service to the Exchange customer. Thank you, Jason, for your outstanding demonstration of the Exchange values!






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