Operation Call Out

OPERATION: Call Out—Pacific Region

The Pacific Region has selected the following associates who have shown that “Ohana Serving Ohana, or Family Serving Family” is more than just a slogan. The unwavering support displayed by Jeremy Patterson, Alma Danzy and Brian Fitzgerald  is evident in all they do. They are the “best of the best” from the Pacific Region. Pacific Pride!

Jeremy Patterson
Customer Experience Associate
Hickam MS – Hawaii Exchange

In the short time Jeremy has been at Hickam Main Store, he has received multiple customer comments on his service and professionalism. Recently, a customer was so impressed with Jeremy’s service she made a trip to the facility to meet with Yvonne Palmieri, the Hickam store manager, to express her gratitude and appreciation for his excellence. She commented on how he took his time to answer all her questions and was courteous and patient throughout the whole conversation. Jeremy is a true asset to the Hickam Exchange!

Alma Danzy
Customer Experience Associate
Humphreys Main Store

Alma Danzy is one of Humphreys’ star cashiers. She always goes above and beyond to ensure every customer feels valued by greeting each person with a smile and maintaining a positive and energetic attitude towards customer engagement. When it comes to Military Star, Alma demonstrates the best practice of  “ask every customer, every time,” setting a good example for her fellow cashiers. As a result of her dedication, she has 54 approved MilStar accounts and led the CCO team to win the store’s MS BTS Credit Application contest. The Humphreys Main Store has also achieved the highest number of applications among the competing stores, with 248 applications so far. Alma continues to excel with 43 approved applications in September alone, which is 32% of the store total!  Thank you, Alma, for your commitment to the Humphreys Exchange team!

Brian Fitzgerald
Kadena Mobiles
Okinawa Exchange

On Oct. 4, Brian went out of his way to deliver an exceptional customer experience. During his mobile route, he stopped by the Naval  Hospital, even though it’s not one of his normal stops. He suspected there would be large lines waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine, and he was able to sell beverages to the crowd after their shot. Without any guidance from management, thanks to Brian’s quick thinking, he was able to turn many frowns upside down. .. Especially for those feeling the effects of the shot.








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