OPERATION: Call Out—Central Region

Operation Call Out

Central Region would like to congratulate Angela Halstead, Rachel Harriger and Amarilys Calderon for their outstanding service, dedication, and herculean effort in all they do!  We are proud to have them represent Central Region!

Angela Halstead
Military Clothing Store
Fort Polk

Angela has been with the MCS for five years and is committed to our mission of providing the best customer service to our Soldiers. As the wife of an Army retiree, Angela understands the needs of the Soldiers with her knowledge of insignias and uniforms. She has professional and social grace when interacting with her customers and gains their trust in meeting their needs for inspections, preparing for the board and funeral details. Angela is well-received by her co-workers and eager to share her knowledge with them. During the rollout of the Army Green Service Uniforms on June 7, 2021, Angela assisted in uniform fittings, creating sales of $7486+ in department 18. She is so knowledgeable when discussing the MILITARY STAR® 20001 plan to our Soldiers.  Every day, Angela utilizes our company core values to keep our customers happy. She is truly an asset to MCS and makes a profound impact every day.

Rachel Harriger
Burger King Food Service Worker
Redstone Arsenal Exchange

Rachel Harriger was recently promoted to foreman and has already stepped up to look for ways to not only improve her Burger King’s speed of service, but also to improve the customer experience. She has taken the leadership role to heart, ensuring the facility is always covered and our associates stay motivated. Rachel has worked for the Exchange for over 16 years as part of the Burger King brand and many of our customers look for her, as she has become the face of BK. She has truly stepped up and we all appreciate having her as part of the team!

Amarilys Calderon
Services Business Technician
Fort Hood Exchange

Amarilys has been working tirelessly to organize and plan food truck operations on the installation. She has scheduled food truck support at various installation and command events as well as planning and executing electrical requirements with FMO, allowing food truck operators to remain stationary.  Amarilys’ dedication to the mission does not go unnoticed, as STFA operations hit $189,000 in sales and LTE operations hit $18,000 in sales for fiscal month October.  Combined, food truck operations have reached an all-time high of $200k for FM October!!

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