Operation Call Out

OPERATION: Call Out—Pacific Region

Thank you to all our team members for consistently going above and beyond every day to serve the “Best Customers in the World.” During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s important to take moments to reflect on what’s important, remembering to take care of the customer. Yuriko Kimira, Esperanza Merrill, and Sin, Son-pom truly took the extra time to listen to the customer’s needs, respond, act and Solve for Yes! Thank you for being a great example of what “Family Serving Family” truly means.  Pacific Pride!

Yuriko Kimura
Hardlines Supervisor
Misawa Main Store

In her 24 years at the Exchange, Yuriko has been an Inventory Control Associate, Jewelry and Hardlines supervisor, Power Zone and Oudoor L associate, and has completed the Retail Management Academy.  She has had a direct impact improving our sales, thanks to her contributions, we are up 7% year to date and 27% month to date compared with the previous year. Yuriko does much more than is asked of her, from stocking the sales floor, yo running a register, to helping take care of our valued customers. She performs every task ethically and professionally. She works without hesitation, and always goes above and beyond her duties to make sure things are running smoothly. You will see her helping in Power Zone one minute and then assisting in Customer Service the next. Yuriko-san has the courage to use good judgment, and her positive attitude helps to empower her fellow associates. She is a great asset to the Exchange, and we are fortunate to have her on the Misawa team. She is truly a rising star!

Sin, Son-pom
Rodriguez Range Snack Bar Food Activity Manager
Korean Northern Exchange

Mr. Sin is an excellent manager who sets a great example for his team. He leads his team with enthusiasm, a positive attitude and high standards. In his 44 years at the Exchange, he has greeted our Soldiers who enter his facility with a big smile. His hard work and dedication contribute significantly to the high quality of service we provide to all Soldiers stationed at Rodriguez Range during field exercise training. Over the years, Mr. Sin  has received many positive customer comments and letters of appreciation from command for his excellent service. With field training resuming at Rodriguez Range,  October sales and direct operating results recorded the highest percentage of the year. Both numbers increased by more than four digits compared with last year, which contributed to an increase in year-to-date sales and DOR by 129% and 570% vs last year.

Esperanza Merrill
Andersen Popeyes – Food Service Worker
Guam Exchange

Esperanza sets a great example for customer service and makes the Exchange core values her own personal mission. In her 10 years at the Exchange, she has consistently provided great customer service with a smile. Esperanza is dedicated to giving our customers a great experience. She not only notifies them of great deals, but also makes sure everyone is aware of the savings available with their MILITARY STAR® card. Whether she’s helping customers bring their order to their table or assisting them in carrying a large order to their car, Esperanza is always eager to assist her customers in any way she can.  She does not hesitate to assist any time a customer has an issue. Esperanza’s willingness to help make visiting Popeyes a wonderful experience for everyone and her positive attitude help to brighten each customer’s day. Her dedication to serving the “Best Customers in the World” not only reflects on her, but on her facility and the Guam Exchange. It is associates like Esperanza who remind our customers that no matter where you are in the world, the Exchange is your No. 1 place to shop.

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