Operation Call Out

OPERATION: Call Out—Pacific Region

Thank you to all our team members for consistently going above and beyond, every day to serve the “Best Customers in the World.” This month’s PAC region Call Outs have shown through their actions is what’s important is remembering to take care of the customer. They truly took the extra time to listen, respond, act and Solve for Yes!  Thank you, Yusuke Kuronuma, Yasue Terukina and Kim, Su-Chin, not only for doing the right thing, but for your dedicated service and being a great example of what “Family Serving Family” truly means. Pacific Pride!

Yusuke Kuronuma
Home & Garden Supervisor
Zama Exchange

A customer came to the Camp Zama Home Store to pick up an order from the warehouse.  Unfortunately, the warehouse was already closed. The customer was very distraught because it was a large item and he had rented a vehicle specifically to pick up the item. Mr. Kuronuma heard about the customer’s situation and immediately jumped into action. He informed management, went to the remote warehouse and assisted the customer in picking up his order. The customer was thrilled that Mr. Kuronuma went out of his way to assist him that evening. Thank you, Mr. Kuronuma, for your dedication to the Exchange’s mission!

Kim, Su-Chin
Customer Experience Associate
Humphreys Exchange

Ever since Ms. Kim started working with us in April 2021, she has set a great example for excellent customer service.  She cheerfully greets each customer as they go through her register, listens to their needs, and provides a quick solution.  She is quick to remind customers to use their Military Star card for each purchase, or to suggest they apply for one if they don’t already have one.  Currently, she has 42 MILITARY STAR  card applications approved for 2021 and has contributed 51% of the total of 78 or 82% approved MILITARY STAR card applications for 2021, a 1,460% increase compared with the previous year.  This is $4,200 out of $7,800 that has contributed to the store’s bottom line. Thank you, Ms. Kim for your dedication to the Exchange’s mission!

Yasue Terukina
Camp Courtney Anthony’s Supervisor
Okinawa Exchange

On Nov. 9, a customer came in to place an order for five large pizzas to be picked up at 11:00 the next day. Later the same day, the customer added three additional large pizzas and asked if it would be possible to change the pickup time to 10:30 instead. Yasue was scheduled to open the next day and without hesitation she decided to accommodate the customer’s request. She called the customer to let her know the order would be ready for pickup at 10:30 no matter what. It wasn’t until the customer arrived at 10:30 to pickup her order that she realized Anthony’s didn’t open until 11:00. She was very appreciative to Yasue for going the extra mile to accommodate her. Thank you, Yasue, for your commitment to serving the best customers in the world!


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