OPERATION: Call Out—Central Region

Operation Call Out

Xing Ruph, Tamara Prescott-Taylor and Carey Moody are truly outstanding associates who are passionate about enhancing the customer experience. They represent the superior teammates we have across the entire Central Region. They show great enthusiasm in their work and strive to exemplify our core values daily. We are honored to have them on our team and thank them for representing Central Region.

Xing Ruph
Alterations Shop
Selfridge Air National Guard Base

Ms. Ruph always goes above and beyond when assisting our customers for all their alteration needs.  YTD sales have increased by $22,000, or 103% compared with last year’s sales, and income has increased 252% YTD.  She has also been promoting the benefits of the MILITARYS TAR  card to all our customers. As a result, MilStar penetration increased from 6.43% to 10.89% YTD, ranking us No. 11 for Central Region and No. 6 worldwide  Thank you, Xing, for all your hard work and for promoting the Exchange MILITARY STAR card!

Tamara Prescott-Taylor
HR Recruiting Assistant
Fort Leonard Wood

Tamara has been with the Exchange for eight years. She is one of the first faces that many of the potential new hires see when coming in to inquire about employment. She is very knowledgeable about her position and always willing to help answer any questions that associates may have about payroll, benefits, and EOP. She is always professional in the workplace and has an open mind when new challenges come up.  Tamara is detailed, organized and thorough in the execution of all her daily tasks.  She completes tasks in a timely manner and does so with poise and grace. Tamara is an intricate part of the Fort Leonard Wood Exchange Recruiting Department and her dedication to the Exchange does not go unnoticed.

Carey Moody
Subway Foreman
Fort Hood – Clear Creek

Carey joined our team in June and has shown he is an essential team player.  He has experience with the Subway brand and in the short three months he’s been with us, he’s already become a leader. Carey’s actions inspire both his supervisors and his peers, while helping to promote teamwork, professionalism, and connecting with guests— even during this difficult COVID recovery time. He has an eagerness to learn about the Exchange and is motivated by our company and our mission. Carey has been taking courses to develop himself and is a pleasure to mentor. He is bright, energetic and a great team player.  Carey’s efficient work manner, friendliness and courtesy benefit not only our customers, but also our crew,

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  1. Stephanie Ferretti on February 7, 2022 at 3:41 pm

    Awesome TEAMWORK Central Region! So happy to see Military Star card benefits being shared with our customers, thank you so much! Love to see knowledgeable team members with a million dollar smile! Recruitment is tough especially in this environment, way to go! And taking an interest and control of your career path is something I really respect. Totally going to the FT Hood Subway next time I am in town! Outstanding! Thank you all so much for everything that you do taking care of our customers!

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