OPERATION: Call Out—Western Region

Operation Call Out

Western Region recognizes Chelo Signa, Skyler Ream and Darla Neill for their outstanding hard work and unwavering dedication to our customers.

Chelo Sigua
Military Clothing Store Shift Manager
Travis Air Force Base

Shout-out to Chelo for all the incredible work she does! She has mentored her team to achieve 60% of approved MILITARY STAR card applications, contributing $6,600 to the bottom line this year. Her team has also contributed 44% toward the increase of our MILITARY STAR penetration by 86,000 year-to-date. She has executed the transition of inventory and training for Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniforms, maintained customer orders, and ensures stock for OCP uniforms. Her consistency and ability to champion her staff is a well- modeled standard for junior managers.

Skyler Ream
Temporary Burger King Foreman
Fairchild Air Force Base

Skyler Ream is currently filling in as a temporary foreman for the Fairchild Burger King. He has been key in allowing the Exchange to continue to serve the community while working through staff shortages.  Skyler can cover anywhere in the kitchen, and he consistently focuses on the customer experience.  While transitioning into the foreman position, Skyler quickly picked up all the extra duties. He has even come up with ways for the team to improve speed of service and increase efficiency in the kitchen. While the Fairchild Community has been with limited food options due to the dining facility and Morale, Recreation and Welfare restaurant closure, the efforts of associates like Skyler have been a huge reason that the Exchange has been able to step up and support our airmen!

Darla Neill
Darla’s Design – Owner
Dyess/Goodfellow Exchange

Darla started her career with Goodfellow in 2003 on a small kiosk. For the past 18 years she has sold gifts, flowers, and now custom embroidery. This past year, we were without an alteration shop for a month.  Darla stepped up and helped by sewing on name tapes, patches and minor alterations. She even brought in help for alterations she didn’t know how to do. Darla says she will do anything for her military family and has shown it by her willingness to help when help is needed.

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  1. Stephanie Ferretti on February 7, 2022 at 3:55 pm

    CONGRATULTIONS on your Awesome Military Star card Results! Amazing Achievements! I work in ECP and we have an Exchange Approved Military Star Ambassador’s Yammer Site, would love to see you post some of your winning Tips There, so we could all benefit from your mentorship! https://web.yammer.com/main/inbox/all
    Thank you for all that you do taking such great care of our customers.
    Skyler, Congratulations on your outstanding work ethic! Food done right is a very tough business, I sincerely admire your “Can Do” Attitude and how versatile skill sets. Simply Awesome!
    Darla, Sincere thanks for really pitching in and taking such wonderful care of our beloved Troops! You are the BEST!

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