OPERATION: Call Out—Eastern Region

Operation Call Out

Eastern Region proudly recognizes Courtney Aaron, Mercedes Davis and Brian Holder for their contributions and support of the Exchange Mission. Their focus on customer service is a priority, and it shows in the results! Thanks for all you do!

Courtney Aaron
Shift Manager
Fort Belvoir Military Clothing Store

Courtney exemplifies what great customer service is all about!  We recently received a customer comment about the amazing customer service she provided to a valued customer on purchasing her Army Green Service Uniform at the Fort Belvoir MCSS.  Thank you for being a great example of what “Family Serving Family” truly means!

“I just arrived here from Fort Campbell and didn’t have much confidence in the MCSS at Fort Belvoir. I went in on a Saturday to ensure I had plenty of time to spare as I was sure it was going to take a while to get everything I needed for my dress uniform. To my surprise, I was mistaken. I asked an employee about the shoes I needed, she went and got them for me with ease. When she returned, she told me they were currently out of the pants and ties for females but asked if I needed help with the other items I needed for my uniform. Not only did she did she help me find the clothing I needed, but she helped me with name tape, medals, rank, combat and unit patch, service and combat stripes, socks and the belt.  She was a godsend!  The most professional and proficient associate I have dealt with since I’ve been here. She reminded me of when I was in Germany, shopping on the economy. Where when you ask a sales associate for help, they’re always able to assist you because they’re trained that way. I’ve always found myself wishing American sales associates performed like the Germans, only with better attitudes.  I finally found one! She was professional, proficient, had a wonderful attitude, and most of all she was customer friendly. Kudos to Ms. Courtney and thank you again! I would have been lost without you.  The fact that you’ve never served and you’re so knowledgeable about the uniform says a whole lot about you and the effort you put forth to ensure your customers are satisfied.”

Mercedes “Mercy” Davis
Burger King Food Service Worker
Fort Meade

Mercy has been a front line and drive-thru rock star, always going above and beyond to aprovide the best customer service. She has been instrumental in allowing the Exchange to continuously serve the community while working through staff shortages. She can cover anywhere in the kitchen, and she consistently focuses on the customer experience. Mercy even came up with ways for the team to improve speed of service to maintain lower than the target of 2:45 in the morning shift till lunch and to increase efficiency in the kitchen. She has received many customer comments thanking her for her good customer service. Mercy shows she is truly dedicated to the Exchange vision to provide exceptional customer experiences by ensuring our customers always get what they need.

Brian Holder
Napa Auto Parts Manager
Fort Drum

As the manager for Napa Auto Parts, Brian Holder is a “can-do,” “will-do” manager. Without hesitation, he volunteers to check your battery or change out the wipers you just bought from him. Brian truly understands the meaning of customer service by always doing his utmost best to ensure all customers are satisfied. His customer service skills are the main reason customers keep coming back!

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