OPERATION: Call Out—Europe Region

The hard work and dedication to our service men and women provided by Winnie Kroll, Harley Whiting and Dorin Hutuleac are outstanding. Their efforts to continuously find new ways to provide that extra customer care are appreciated, and we are proud to have them on the Europe team!

Winezinda “Winnie” Kroll
Customer Experience Associate
Vicenza Del Din Express

Winnie is one of the best cashiers at the Del Din Express. She is the driving force with 98 confirmed MILITARY STAR applications in the past two years, resulting in a 53% increase in Mil Star penetration over last year. “Auntie” Winnie is not just a great cashier, she is also a favorite among our Soldiers. It is an honor to work with her and she is an asset to the Exchange.

Harley Whiting
Visual Merchandiser
RAF Lakenheath

Harley’s job is visual merchandiser, but he is so much more than that. He constantly volunteers for extra assignments and has helped during inventory for the last nine years. The Croughton Troop Store was recently renovated and the only way we could keep operating was to move all merchandise to the warehouse and the fixtures to storage and sell from there. Harley was part of the two-man team that accomplished the move in less than a week, and he was there to rebuild the store once it was completed.  He is truly a team player, and his work is invaluable. His vision and work ethic are second to none, and we are pleased to have Harley as part of the UK team!

Dorin Hutuleac
Mikel’s Grill Food Truck
Grafenwoehr Exchange

During the last rotation in Hohenfels, Camp Albertshof, Dorin went above and beyond to ensure our Soldiers were fed. He didn’t just feed them during the day, but also when they returned from the field at night. When he heard about Soldiers on quarantine not getting proper meals, he took it upon himself to provide touchless food delivery to their barracks building. Since these Soldiers were on quarantine, they had been living on MREs and they were extremely thankful for Dorin’s hospitality. He always ensures his customers are happy and will go out of his way to ensure the well-being of our Soldiers.

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