OPERATION: Call Out—Pacific Region

Thank you to all our team members for consistently going above and beyond every day to serve the “Best Customers in the World.” This month’s PAC region Call Outs have shown through their actions what’s important is remembering to take care of the customer. They truly took the extra time to listen, respond, take action to Make it Better and Solve for Yes!  Thank you, Israel Rivera; Sin, Chae-yon; and Chauncey Williams not only for doing the right thing, but for your dedicated service and being a great example of what “Family Serving Family” truly means. Pacific Pride!

Israel Rivera
Shoes Associate
Foster Main Store – Okinawa Exchange

Israel’s customer service is outstanding, and he works every day to improve our customers’ shopping experience. Recently, a customer came into the store looking for shoes and was very impressed with Israel’s assistance and left this comment: “I want to commend one of your employees, Israel. He was outstanding when [helping[ me purchase new shoes. I have a service-connected disability in my hip, and the issue extends to my feet. Israel was so kind and went out of his way to find every shoe that would fit my feet. I ended up buying three different pairs out of the ones he found. He really brought the spirit of customer service to the forefront of his interactions with us, and I wanted to ensure his leadership is aware of his amazing customer service.”  Thank you, Israel, for your commitment to the Exchange’s mission and to “Serving Those Who Serve”!

Sin, Chae-yon
Store Associate
Sentry Mini Mall Express – Humphreys Exchange

Chae-yon always does an outstanding job providing excellent customer service to our valued customers. She uses her extensive job knowledge and skills to suggest proper actions and feedback to our customers. Recently, one of our valued customers came into the store in urgent need of a specific kind of bourbon for a birthday gift. Unfortunately, the spirit was a one-time-buy item that was sold out in all facilities at Humphreys and Osan. Chae-yon asked the customer to leave his contact information. After some searching, she was able to locate a few bottles at the Suwon BX. She coordinated a courier and a shuttle, and the Suwon team was able to get the bourbon to the customer in time. The customer was extremely satisfied with her exceptional service. Thank you, Chae-yon, for implementing the Exchange core values “Courage to Use Good Judgement” and “Family Serving Family” to provide this customer with outstanding service and dedication!

Chauncey Williams
Popeyes Food Service Worker
Misawa Exchange

Chauncey is a great food service worker and delivery driver at the Misawa Popeyes. When the Misawa Pizza Hut had a break in delivery service, our Popeyes received a lot more delivery orders than usual. During this time, Chauncey worked diligently and efficiently. He prepared orders, packed bags and delivered food to customers as quickly as possible, and did most of it alone. His speed of service was especially appreciated by those on restriction of movement who were depending on our food deliveries.  His dedication and leadership have contributed greatly to the Misawa Popeyes delivery service. Thank you, Chauncey, for your hard work!!

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