OPERATION: Call Out—Eastern Region

Operation Call Out

Eastern Region is proudly recognizing Deborah Hunt, Nancy Lucas and Joshua Roberts for their contributions and support of the Exchange mission. Their focus on customer service is a priority, and it shows in the results! Thanks for all you do!

Deborah Hunt
Services Operations Assistant
Fort Bragg

Debbie has developed extremely efficient procedures for our concessions financial reporting. She is so proficient at her job that FA acknowledges her as an expert and the go-to person for Eastern Region Services. Debbie has been instrumental in working with our partners to fully understand their contractual obligations, which has resulted in more accurate sales reporting. Her dedication to her job has resulted in recouping over $25k in direct operating results in FY21. She is a most valued asset to the Bragg team and exemplifies the Exchange’s core values of “Family Serving Family,” “Respect Everyone” and “Courage to Use Good Judgment”.

Nancy Lucas
Customer Experience Associate
JB LangleyEustis

Nancy exemplifies the Exchange core values and exceptional involvement in the mission. She has 30 years of service working in Express facilities and has been gifted the name “Ninja Nancy” because she is a well-rounded associate who goes above and beyond in all she does for the customers and Langley Express. Nancy has established great rapport with her customers and ensures they leave the facility with smiles on their faces. Her excellent customer service skills have the customers returning to see her. She has also played a great part in achieving $2.9M in department 425 for FY21, by working the register and stocking shelves daily. “Ninja Nancy” is truly a team player!

Joshua Roberts
Burger King Cook
Shaw Air Force Base

Joshua Roberts has been a huge asset to the Shaw Exchange food court. During the pandemic, he was instrumental to our facility—performing a multitude of tasks such as closing, cleaning and deactivating a closing facility. Joshua isn’t afraid to do what needs to be done, regardless of if it’s in his job description or not. He has helped with cleaning equipment and small wares, packaging up the equipment and transferring it to other facilities. These efforts saved the Exchange thousands of dollars. Joshua quickly learned how to adapt and continues to expand his knowledge with ongoing training, even taking the initiative to become ServSafe certified. His focus on BK is exceptional and he consistently strives to achieve speed of service goals of 2:45 or less. Joshua has perfect attendance and is always willing to lend a helping hand when another facility is short-staffed. He truly demonstrates our “Family Serving Family” values!

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