Operation Call Out

OPERATION: Call Out—Pacific Region

Thank you to all our team members for consistently going above and beyond, every day to serve the “Best Customers in the World”. This month’s PAC region call outs have shown through their actions what’s important is remembering to take care of the customer. They truly took the extra time to listen, respond, take action to Make it Better and Solve for Yes!  Thank you, Sally Hallauer, Ryoko Kiminarita and Lee, Gang Yu, not only for doing the right thing, but for your dedicated service and being a great example of what “Family Serving Family” truly means. Pacific Pride!

Sally Hallauer
Customer Experience Associate
Hickam Air Force Base

Recently, an Air Force pilot stopped in to grab something to eat on her way to work. As she stood at checkout, she realized she had forgotten her wallet. Without hesitation, Sally paid for the pilot’s lunch from her own pocket. Thank you Sally, for your selfless and thoughtful gesture! Sally received a “Thank You’”card from the pilot for her kindness. “Sally, thank you for your kindness and understanding the other day. I was able to fly on a full stomach thanks to your compassion! Have a blessed day and keep paying it forward. An embarrassed pilot without her wallet, Nichole.” We are so fortunate to have Sally on our team!

Ryoko Kiminarita
Food Service Worker
Misawa Exchange

Due to her outstanding customer service at the MSX Coffee Shop at the hospital, Ryoko Kiminarita was recently featured in a segment on Misawa Air Base’s Facebook: Wild Weasel Highlight. Here are some of the comments that were left on the Facebook feature: “I am so happy she’s being recognized! She really makes a difference for so many people! She makes people feel special when she remembers everyone’s orders and always greets you with the biggest smile.” “My favorite!!! She always has a great and kind smile, and best of all …  She remembers everyone’s usual coffee order.”  “She makes the best coffee around town!!!”

Lee, Gang Yu “Willow”
Jamba Juice – Brian D. Allgood Hospital
Humphreys Exchange

Ms. Lee, or Willow as she’s known to the customers, has been working with the community to help Humphreys feel like home. She works with a great team at Jamba Juice in the hospital to bring the best services possible to the Humphreys community.  Recently,  a Soldier recognized Willow  for her excellent customer service. “Camp Humphreys, I want to comment on the service at Jamba Juice located inside the Allgood Medical facility. I was delighted to see how employees Willow and Luna treated me as a semi-frequent customer. Both had smiles, a great attitude, and asked me if I wanted my usual. This really cheered me up, and I wanted management to know that little bit of smiles goes a long way. Thank you for that experience. I hope this email found you healthy and happy.” Willow’s positive attitude and wonderful customer service contributes to bringing customers back to this location for  delicious food as well as the customer service.

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