Spring Trend Guide Highlights Teams’ Commitment to Improve Shopper Experience

Spring guide 2022

This year’s Spring Trend Guide was reimagined with a focus on family, introducing men’s and children’s fashions to the book.

The spring guide features looks for the whole family—sending a strong message to shoppers that newness from high-quality brands has arrived for spring.

“Everyone in the family should enjoy good style,” said Exchange Softlines Vice President Marissa Carpenter. “

The digital book, which debuted April 8, includes brand statements and, for the first time, feature looks for the whole family—sending a strong message to shoppers that newness from high-quality brands has arrived for spring.

Several Exchange teams began researching and conceptualizing the look and content for the book months ago.

Fashion Coordinator Crystal Newhouse was an integral part of the collaboration and planning in order to bring the trend guide to our valued customers. She worked in concert with Marketing Specialist Jennifer Jameson, eCommerce, design, photography and social media to bring the buyer’s vision to life.

Zahra Adamji, the senior graphic designer, was tapped to design the guide under Art Director Diana Lettieri’s mentorship.

“We wanted to grab the customer’s attention with an upscale look,” Lettieri said. “From the design elements to photography we worked with the merchandise team to take their ideas and dig deep, giving our customers the same look and feel of an upscale trend guide.”

Adamji—whose first fashion book was last year’s fall trend guide—worked with buyers to highlight trends and create layouts for their individual pages.

“I learned a lot from the fall guide creation process,” Adamji said. “This time I was aware of what to look for and able to act preemptively. My goal was to make the shopper experience as interesting as possible through this book.”

Lisa Wilburn, the Exchange’s Divisional Merchandising Manager of Ladieswear, and Newhouse worked closely with Adamji to curate content for the book’s sections.

“A focus on family allows us to introduce new concepts such as Mommy and Me and PBX Pro for the family,” Wilburn said. “Asics footwear and Levi’s are a few other fabulous family brands that are featured as well.”

Models pose during a photo session for the guide. Senior graphic designer Zahra Adamji provided photographers details on what merchandise needed to be photographed and how the photos should look.

After locking in with Wilburn and Exchange buyers, Adamji met with photo studio Art Director Caron Brooks and photographer Ross Hailey to bring her research and planning to the photo shoots.

She provided details on what merchandise needed to be photographed and how those photos should look. Lettieri and Adamji also supervised separate photo shoots for the e-commerce and social media teams.

Digital Media Specialist Toney Coleman and Social Media Designer Worth LaRose used Lettieri’s and Adamji’s creative direction to produce digital content to promote the book.

Social Media Designer Emily Zarsk has planned a campaign—sharing posts and stories across the Exchange’s Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages. The hashtag #TrendyPicks will be used again in this season’s campaign.

The guide’s success will be measured by the results of the spring sale, happening April 8 through April 21. Carpenter was excited to see the brand statements conveyed throughout the guide.


The trend guide introduced PBX Pro for the family as well as other new concepts.

“This is the ultimate collaboration,” Carpenter said. “We love using this trend guide to showcase our new brands and products.”

Wilburn expects shoppers will resonate with this guide.

“We believe the online customer will be captured from the front cover featuring the His and Her’s key brands setting the tone of the look book all the way to the back page where we showcase our new concepts, Top Ten Trends and an enticing coupon,” Wilburn said.

Lettieri considers this year’s collaborative efforts a major success.

“This year’s guide was a great start, but I would like to see us push the boundaries further with our guides in the future,” Lettieri said.

Newhouse is also focused on the road ahead.

“After completing the planning and coordination of the Spring Trend Guide, it is my goal that we communicate a cohesive trend and brand story, while creating excitement for the best customers in the world,” Newhouse said.

Check it out!

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