OPERATION: Call Out—Eastern Region

Operation Call Out

Eastern Region is proudly recognizing Antonia Canfield, Artago Robinson and Tim Seymour for their contributions and support of the Exchange Mission. Their focus on customer service is a priority, and it shows in the results! Thanks for all you do!

Antonia Canfield
Sales Associate
Eglin  Air Force Base – 7th Express

Antonia is a dedicated Army spouse. Her constant effort every morning working Snack Avenue has clearly assisted in the increase of our sales. Snack Avenue has increased 18.4%, Roller Grill Tornados increased by 36.5% and the Roller Bites have increased 40.8%. Antonia is well-liked by her peers and management team. The morning customers enjoy talking with her daily and appreciate her efforts in keeping the food rolling for them. Antonia spends what little spare time she has cleaning and maintaining the standards for Snack Avenue. When we are short-staffed, she volunteers to increase her shift to help lessen her teammates’ workload. Way to go Antonia!

Artago Robinson
Food Court Manager
Fort Benning

Artago is instrumental in hiring associates for all food facilities across Fort Benning. He played a crucial role in reopening two food facilities in the main food court, Burger King and Arby’s. Additionally, he has been a team player throughout the Fort Benning food team, helping with many different facilities when staffing was short. He has never been afraid to jump in and do what needs to be done to serve our customers. Artago has created a strong sense of family and teamwork both within his food court and the food team at Fort Benning. He is currently the Food Court Manager at the Main PX, overseeing multiple facilities. He has also taken on responsibilities such as the Ranger Rendezvous, multiple catering events and more. He has brought so much change to our installation, his sales for the main PX food court have increased 33.1% over the previous year. In addition to these growing sales, expenses are down 1.07% and personnel costs are down 12%. In the last year, the food court had an impressive 71.4% increase in productivity over the previous year. Artago is truly a team player and an example of what the Exchange family is here at Fort Benning.

Tim Seymour
Custodial Supervisor
Patrick Air Force Base

Tim Seymour, our Custodial Supervisor, comes to us with prior supervisory skills and was a prior business owner when he became employed by the Exchange. Tim makes a great impact leading his team to improve the overall appeal of our store. He is successful with developing solid routines among the custodians so that we remain customer-ready every day. As a disabled Veteran, he loves serving and giving back to the military community. Tim is a “very attention to detail” associate and takes pride in what he does. He is always ready and willing to help out wherever he is needed. He has accomplished improvements at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station as well as in our food service areas.  He also assists our store logistics team during truck unloads. Tim’s dedication and willingness to achieve more stands out among our team.  He understands the dynamics of the Exchange and is a valuable asset to the Patrick Exchange.



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