OPERATION: Call Out—Europe Region

Operation Call Out

The hard work and dedication to our service men and women provided by Adam Butcher, Jennifer Symonds and Sonia Sterchele are outstanding. Their efforts to continuously find new ways to provide that extra customer care are appreciated, and we are proud to have them on the Europe team!

Adam Butcher
Warehouse Worker
RAF Lakenheath

Adam is a warehouse worker at Lakenheath Food Court and runs a very clean and well-organized warehouse often praised by visitors for its organization.  He has been the Chairperson for the U.K. Exchange Health & Safety Committee for two years—a role he takes very seriously. Adam conducts monthly meetings on Teams, is on the Accident Review Board and recommends ways to keep associates safe and recordable accidents down. He was instrumental in setting up the retail popcorn program and, due to the success of that program, continues to deliver freshly made popcorn to retail facilities on base, adding $20k to the bottom line. Adam is truly a team player, with a work ethic that is out of this world.  Without him, we wouldn’t be able to take care of the many jobs that most customers, both internal and external, don’t realize exist.

Jennifer Symonds
Warehouse Worker
Lakenheath BX

Jennifer works in the Lakenheath Main Store Warehouse, and she has been instrumental in the success of the Buy Online, Pickup In Store (BOPIS) program. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she assisted countless families with Personal Shopper orders by picking, processing and taking payments for orders and then hand-delivering the merchandise during their isolation period. What makes Jennifer stand out is her unwavering loyalty to the facility, our customers and her teammates. She demonstrates this daily with her attention to detail and looking beyond her role to help cover areas such as Cherish and Customer Service. Jennifer’s teammates have expressed appreciation for her patience and commitment to sharing her knowledge of BOPIS operations, which has strengthened the BOPIS program and ensured continuity. She shows she is willing to go above and beyond during these challenging times, and as a  Veteran herself, she exemplifies our core value of “Family Serving Family.”

Sonia Sterchele
Floor Supervisor
Vicenza Main Store

As a supervisor, Sonia creates a work environment in which associates feel important and appreciated.  She successfully leads her team in our goal to focus on customers’ needs to provide the best possible shopping experience. Sonia is also a merchandising expert, working with the departments to ensure products are always displayed to maximize sales. She is always willing to share her knowledge with our associates and fellow supervisors. Her dedication to training and creating processes to increase efficiency helped position our facility to have no containers on hold at port for the first time in eight years, even with inventory 37% above last year. Sonia is a true leader with a clear focus, always encouraging her team to excel. The positive impact she has on our facility is commendable.


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