OPERATION: Call Out—Pacific Region

Operation Call Out

Thank you to all our team members for consistently going above and beyond every day to serve the “Best Customers in the World.” This month’s PAC region Call Outs have shown through their actions what is important is remembering to take care of the customer. These associates have gone above and beyond, taking on extra duties that benefit our customers. They took extra time to listen, respond, act, and Solve for Yes!  Thank you, James Medford, Nam, Ka-hyon and Manolita Olis Qazi, not only for your 30+ years of dedicated service, but for being a great example of what “Family Serving Family” truly means. Pacific Pride!

James Medford
Front Checkout Supervisor
Kadena Air Base

In March, James accepted the position of MILITARY STAR® Ambassador, representing the entire Pacific Region.  As Ambassador, he has taken the initiative to design and conduct training classes, including role-playing exercises, to provide our associates knowledge and skills to improve their customer service and enhance the customer’s experience.  James creates monthly events to increase awareness and promote special offers to encourage customers to use their MILITARY STAR card. For associates, he has implemented incentive programs to reward our top performers. In just a few weeks, MILITARY STAR penetration and approved applications have increased.  Penetration increased from 11.92% to 12.17%, with approved applications going from 28 to 41—a nearly 50% increase over last year.  James also accepted the role of Public Affairs Representative for the Okinawa Exchange. He attends weekly Armed Forces Network radio broadcasts to share information about local events to increase customer morale and make the Exchange feel like their home away from home. James is truly an asset to our store and his day-to-day interactions embody our core values of “Family Serving Family,” “Respect Everyone” and “Courage to Use Good Judgment.” He is very enthusiastic and has a great rapport with both internal and external customers.  His ability to go above and beyond and accept additional roles has inspired others and created emotional connections with our customers.

Nam, Ka-hyon
Food Service Worker
Camp Casey Taco Bell

Ka-hyon always leads an energetic atmosphere with a bright smile, making teamwork enjoyable with a positive demeanor. She has consistently received positive customer feedback. Not only does she provide excellent customer service, but she has contributed to increased revenue. Ka-hyon was able to help customers open two new MILITARY STAR accounts. Opening a new account is challenging for a food team, but she made it happen. She truly demonstrates the core values of the Exchange!

Manolita Olis Qazi
FTC Shop Owner
Okinawa Services Office

Manolita is a Commodity Concessionaire who has opened stores on Kadena Air Base, Camp Foster, Camp Courtney, Camp Hansen and Camp Kinser. With 25 years’ experience with the Exchange, she was asked to take over at Kadena and Camp Foster flower shops between March and August 2004 to fill in the gap due to changes in contractors. The flower shop business was successful even though she was tasked in short notice. Manolita enjoys working with the Exchange team which has always been helpful, accommodating, and caring. The Okinawa Services Team is very proud of Manolita, who has greatly contributed to the Okinawa Exchange by providing unique hand-crafted gift items from the Philippines and other Asian countries to our customers.



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  1. Stephanie Ferretti on May 16, 2022 at 11:33 am

    Awesome! Thank you all for taking such GREAT care of our Customers, day in and day out!

    ECP has the pleasure of working with James Medford, MILITARY STAR Ambassador Captain and he is truly inspirational. James was recently voted as March MILITARY STAR Ambassador of the Month for PAC, to be announced in our 18 May meeting. James is innovative and freely shares his knowledge with his team mates.

    On April 11, James shared on Yammer: “And that is the point. I thought of the idea to get my associates more involved. They always seemed afraid to talk to customer about the star card. So by having them do this it puts them in a situation that they are not comfortable in to help improve their communication skills as well as increase their star card numbers. That is the biggest thing about being the ambassador it is not about what I can do, it is about empowering other so that they can be better or be the next ambassador.”

    Great Job James! I am so happy that you were recognized by our COO!

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